The Different Types Of Hosting Plans To Choose From

The success of your business in the online world revolves around the performance of your website. Performance of a website can mean many things. It could mean the amount …

The success of your business in the online world revolves around the performance of your website. Performance of a website can mean many things. It could mean the amount of time your website takes to load and even the consistency of your website when it comes to accessibility. There are many other factors that could affect the performance of your website, and they are all directly associated with the web hosting company you choose. In addition to that, you have to make sure to pick the best hosting plan, so you do not end up paying for features you never wanted or needed. Here are some web hosting plans that you should consider for your website:

Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting is the most basic yet one of the most popular methods of hosting a website for starting businesses. In this type of hosting your website shares the resources on a server with many other websites. The server is more like a big building with many apartments in it. Each apartment is the amount of resources dedicated to the website, which you can see is the person occupying the apartment. Considered the most affordable way of hosting a website, this type of hosting can be a bit less secure considered to other plans.

Virtual Private Server

As the name suggests, this is a server dedicated just for your website but this server is virtual. The web hosting company creates several virtual servers on one physical server. Each virtual server is a set of resources dedicated to a particular website. In simple words, your website has its own server with dedicated RAM, storage and bandwidth, but on a virtual server being hosted on a real physical server.

Managed Hosting

You could say that managed web hosting is the new name given to dedicated hosting. In this type of hosting your web host will dedicate a real and physical server just for your website. You own this server and all the resources of it. However, the “managed” part of the term implies that your host will manage things for you. A managed website hosting company will take care of the software and hardware upgrade as well as any troubleshooting that might be required down the road.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is considered the most advanced and complex form of hosting. With this type of hosting, the resources available to your website are not fully defined. The resources allocated for your website will depend on the resources it will need at any given moment. If you are experiencing huge volumes of traffic on your website all of a sudden, cloud hosting will make sure that enough resources are given to your website to manage this spike.

Reseller Web hosting

This is a unique way of hosting a website. This is a way for web hosts to add an extra attraction factor for businesses that are looking for web hosting services. When you pick this type of website hosting service, you will be given the permission as part of your contract to sell this service to other businesses too. This allows you to use only as many resources from your package as you need and distribute the rest among customers that you are able to get. The best thing is that your original web host will not put any limits on how much money you will charge your customers for your service.

Now that you know the different types of web hosting services that are available out there, make sure you pick the right one for your business and not pay any money for unneeded features.