Top Website Design Mistakes To Avoid

Why big businesses chose the best website design services whenever their websites need a retouch or remodel is because they understand the value of an impressive website….

Why big businesses chose the best website design services whenever their websites need a retouch or remodel is because they understand the value of an impressive website. When getting their first websites up, many small and medium sized businesses end up making the common web design mistakes. These mistakes might seem minor on the surface but they can continue to hurt the reputation and conversion rates of your website in the long run. If you have been searching around for a good website design and do not want any compromise on it, here are the biggest don’ts of website design to keep you away from a failed website.

Don’t Choose Templates over Custom

This is the biggest mistake that’s also one of the most common ones. Just to save time small business owners would choose templates over a custom website design. What they don’t realize is that they are sacrificing a lot of stuff while doing that. A template is only as good as it allows you to be. On the other hand, a custom design lets you infuse your business’ mission and vision into it. It becomes a perfect reflection of your brand. Templates can be heavy, thus affecting your SEO rankings as well. Not to mention, they keep your business website from standing out from the crowd.

Don’t Go for Generic Designs

You could tie this point to the one before it. This mistake is often made when you are trying to skip the professional web design services and want a quick solution in the form of templates. You just pick any website design that looks good to you without realizing that ecommerce elements are hard to incorporate in that design. Ecommerce websites do not look like brochure websites, and so they need a special treatment. If you are selling a lot of products on your website, your website needs to have a very carefully designed navigation system. Your customers must never feel lost no matter how many layers of web pages they have gone into to find a certain product.

Don’t Overcrowd the Website

Some business owners want to be really close to their customers. In an attempt to do so, they want all the information on their website to be available for their customers. However, they often end up cluttering their websites and making it hard for visitors to find the information they had come on the website for. What many business owners don’t realize is that “white space” on the website is not just white space but it has a great psychological effect on the brains of the website visitors. Keep only as much information on the website as is necessary.

Don’t Keep It the Same Way

Element of surprise has become quite an important concept in modern internet marketing. How you surprise your customers and website visitors is dependent on your creative mind. There are many different ways to do it. One you want to provide a fresh experience to your website visitors and customers every once in a while. This calls for a change in the layout and design of your website at least once a year. However, this process is not as easy as it might sound. You want to change the design and still keep the navigation which your website visitors are familiar with. Or just make sure that the new design is so simple that it does not require any time to get a hang of it.

Last but not least, make sure you continue to update the content on your website. Nothing can be more off-putting for your website visitors than information that is outdated.