Instagram As A Social Media Marketing Platform

Instagram As A Social Media Marketing Platform
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Instagram has become quite a popular social networking platform in the recent years. Its increasing popularity has made it one of the most viable platforms for businesses…

Instagram has become quite a popular social networking platform in the recent years. Its increasing popularity has made it one of the most viable platforms for businesses to promote their services and products. It won’t be wrong to say that Instagram has become the most popular platform for marketing purposes after Facebook – the social networking giant. Most social media marketing companies include Instagram as part of their marketing services for their clients. Today, almost all the big businesses and even celebrities are using Instagram regularly to connect with their followers, gain popularity and market sponsored products.

It should not surprise you that there are 500 million active users using Instagram on a monthly basis. The pictures uploaded by users can be tagged to not only recognize people but also mention products that appear in the picture. To date around 40 billion pictures have been uploaded and shared by users of Instagram. The best thing about Instagram is that it gives your pictures exposure to a worldwide audience. On most of the social networking platforms you have a majority of US audience. But if you want exposure of your products in other countries, Instagram is the perfect place.

Instagram receives 80% of its users from countries other than the US. The mobile ad revenue made by just Instagram last year was around $1.54 billion. The numbers for mobile revenue generated by Instagram is only expected and estimated to rise in the coming years. There is no doubt that Instagram is currently the most famous social media marketing platform after Facebook. If you think there is only a particular gender that uses Instagram you will be wrong. Instagram has people from all the different backgrounds visiting it and even gender-wise it is used by 24% men and 31% women.

Instagram, just like Pinterest, has proven to be a great social networking platform for products that are directed towards women and girls. Instagram is all about visual content which is considered many times more engaging than text-only content. It seems that visuals attract women more than men or maybe women are more interested in using pictures to their advantage. 23% of the girls using Instagram are between the age of 13 and 17 years. On the other hand, guys from the same age group are present on Instagram by 17%.

If you are looking to market through social media marketing, you must realize the importance of social media indicators like views, likes and thumbs ups. Companies are literally paying hundreds and thousands of dollars to marketing companies for buying views and likes. As for Instagram users, they are giving likes to around 4.2 billion posts every single day. This is what tells you why many people and marketing experts call Instagram the happiest place in the internet world. You will be surprised to know that within a year it is expected that over 70% of the brands of the world will be using Instagram to their advantage.

While this shows you that there will be great competition between businesses to get into the limelight, it is also an indication that businesses are finding Instagram attractive for business activities. According to the recent statistics, every week the top brands of the world use Instagram as frequently as 5 posts. Think about it, you could get more likes and attention from your target audience if you post at the peak times when other brands are posting stuff. Another way of getting more views and likes on your posts is to post according to the hashtags. Find the most trending hashtags and upload content that can be tagged with those hashtags.

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