How Does Blogging Affect Your SEO?

The official business websites are often boring for visitors since they don’t get many of their questions answered on them. Of course, these websites are meant to sell yo…

The official business websites are often boring for visitors since they don’t get many of their questions answered on them. Of course, these websites are meant to sell your services and products, so you can’t turn it into a social networking platform. But there has to be a way for you to get traffic on your website and make it stay there for a few minutes. That’s where the blogs come in. They are not often the primary focus of your SEO strategies, but they can strengthen it to a great degree. If you look at the modern trends, you will realize that almost no big business website exists without a blog today.

How Blog Affects Your SEO

The best thing about a blog is that it allows you to create and post new content on a frequent basis. With official business websites, you don’t have any good reasons to update the content on a regular basis. The big problem is that major search engines prefer fresh content over old content for any keywords and search terms. Now, the content on your website might be very closely relevant to a particular search performed by a user but it won’t appear in top results because your information is a year old. You would rather see the latest and freshest content ranked higher than yours for that keyword.

Blogs are all about sharing informative content.You actually have to hire professional writers who can come up with interesting blog posts at least two times every week. So, when someone searches for your industry-related keyword on Google or some other search engine, your blog post appears in the top results. This is you beating your own website and your competitors by producing fresh and informative content. Another way blogs help you with SEO is when you share your blog posts across social networking platforms. You share interesting content, include your website’s link or simply ask readers to visit your website and wait for the traffic to go up.

People who land on your website after reading your blog post are potential customers. Furthermore, they will stay on your website for long since your blog post serves as a reason for them to stay longer. When Google notices that your visitors are staying for long on your web pages, it ranks those web pages higher. On the other hand, if a lot of traffic comes on your website but leaves within seconds, Google considers this bounce-off rate as a negative point towards you. Your blog posts can also serve as a great way to create backlinks on other reputable websites and blogs.

If you have shared an interesting post and it is further shared by people on their websites and blogs, they will create free backlinks for you. If you want a more direct approach to this, you can take up guest blogging where you write a post and directly ask some blog author to host your post on their blogs. Just keep in mind to get these backlinks from reliable, reputable and high-authority websites and blogs.

Final Thoughts

Running a blog might seem easy but it is one of the most difficult things to do on the internet. It is best that you get in touch with a reliable and professional search engine optimization company to get help not only with your main website’s optimization but blogging as well. By providing you with fresh content and guest blogging service, they can give your website a great boost. Just before you make this move, make sure you have optimized the landing pages enough to convince your visitors to give you a sale.