Role Of Buttons In Effective Social Media Marketing

If you read news on various online news websites, you must have seen many colored buttons at the bottom of their posts allowing you to share the news with your friends. T…

If you read news on various online news websites, you must have seen many colored buttons at the bottom of their posts allowing you to share the news with your friends. The website owners have placed the buttons there so you would take an action after reading the news. You need to do the same when you are running your own blog or when you share your written posts on other websites. You might see them as useless or unworthy, but social media marketing professionals know exactly how to make them work. Here is how these buttons play an important role in your social media marketing efforts.

They Make Sharing Easy

Social sharing buttons above, beneath and around your posts makes it easy for people to share them on their favorite social networks. Think about the hassle that they will have to go through if these buttons were not there. Copy and pasting will not be practical because sometimes your posts contain some really helpful and interesting images. Furthermore, they will have to log in one of their social networking accounts in order to share your post. Keep in mind that not every user might have his/her social networking profiles opened while surfing on the web for interesting articles.

They Encourage Sharing

Depending on how enticing your buttons look, they can encourage your users to share your posts even when they were not initially in the mood to share anything. People go from websites to websites to get information. Some users move from one news website to another news website, only to read news. They do not initially wish to share the news with anyone, but are reading to feed their own hobby. However, when there are social sharing buttons with your post that allow them to share this stuff with just a click, it really encourages them to share.

They Show the Popularity of Your Posts

Another great thing about using buttons for social media marketing is that you can tell your readers how popular your posts are. You must understand from your experience that videos, images and posts that have higher number of views, likes and shares, get people’s attention more easily. You can display the number of likes and shares of your post right beside the sharing button to get people’s attention. When they realize that your post has been shared hundreds and thousands of time, they share it with their friends at once. In fact, experts believe that people can share posts without even reading them based only off the popularity of the post – hence there are posts with sharing buttons above the posts.

They Make Your Posts Seem Relevant

When times change, you have to change too. Your competitors are uploading blog posts and creative social media marketing content regularly to get the attention of their audience and potential prospects. They are using the exact tactics to make people share their stuff i.e. use of enticing buttons. When people read their posts and see the buttons of their favorite social networking platforms e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn etc. the post starts to seem relevant to them. Imagine your posts without these buttons – it will seem lonely and completely irrelevant.

By now, you must have got a clear idea of how important the social sharing buttons are. However, you are highly encouraged to pay attention to the science of these buttons before you place them randomly around your posts. The location, size, color and customization of these buttons are all different factors that can really have a great impact on how people respond to your posts.