Why Doing Social Media Marketing With Infographics?

In the recent years, businesses have understood the exact things that make social media marketing successful. In the beginning, these efforts were quite futile because bu…

In the recent years, businesses have understood the exact things that make social media marketing successful. In the beginning, these efforts were quite futile because businesses were still acting like businesses. It was later realized that marketing on social media requires a brand to create a new identity without “selling” stuff. This put businesses in creative modes and they started coming up with the most creative methods to attract their audience’s attention towards their content. Among all other important tools, they discovered infographics. Professionally done infographics for social media marketing can really make the difference for a business. Here’s why:

Image Content Is Powerful

It is never enough how much you stress on the importance of images in content marketing. Several studies and surveys have collected statistics to prove that content with some visual offering can be as much as 650% more productive in terms of engagement than content without any images. This is where infographics beat any other format of content. They are illustrations (text) and images combined together in the most attractive format. With the use of noticeable colors, attractive images and unique analogies, infographics can make visitors freeze for minutes easily. This is quite an achievement when you realize that some people can be distracted in as quickly as 2.8 seconds.

There Are Image Based Social Networks

Realizing the ever-increasing importance of visual content, many image-based social networks emerged. The best examples you have for those social networks are Instagram and Pinterest. While images are shared all over the web across all social networking platforms, these two social networks revolve around images. Now, when you present illustrations with images i.e. in the form of infographics, your content becomes the perfect material to be shared on these platforms. Combined, these two social networks have billions of users around the world. Imagine your infographic being shared by these users in all parts of the world.

Infographics Create Backlinks

One of the main ingredients of creating an engaging infographic is to present bland, boring and general information in an interesting way. Something as simple as the distance between earth and moon can be made to sound interesting by using creative examples e.g. number of coca cola bottles that can be placed between earth and moon. Due to this particular quality of infographics, people love to share them with their audiences. Bloggers are looking for such content that is rich in information but extremely easy to read. If they find your infographic interesting, they will share it with their audience and give rise to backlinks to your website.

Infographics Go Viral Nonetheless

The beauty of infographics lies in the way you present information, as mentioned in the point above. An infographic does not have to be related to your business directly at all for it to go viral and give you benefit. When people see information presented in a unique and interesting way, they want to share this information with their friends and families to have interesting conversations. They might not talk about your brand but they will be using your infographic as they talk about it. For this reason it is believed that an infographic’s potential to go viral is much higher than text-only content. It just sounds more fun to share an entire infographic in a WhatsApp chat than to copy and paste some lines from a text-only post.

When you use infographics, you should make sure you give them a title and caption. This way, you can make your infographics play a role in your search engine optimization too. In the end, the most important thing is to get in touch with professionals who have been doing infographics for some time and understand their importance in social media marketing.