Why UX In Mobile Application Development Matters

Why UX In Mobile Application Development Matters
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It is no secret that the number of mobile users is on the rise today. The number of mobile users has already surpassed the number of desktop users. Businesses now have to…

It is no secret that the number of mobile users is on the rise today. The number of mobile users has already surpassed the number of desktop users. Businesses now have to shift their focus on mobile applications and the user experience they generate from those apps. Tenured mobile app development companies suggest developing a mobile application for every business today. Even the recent statistics show that mobile users love to spend most of their time using mobile applications and rarely prefer the web over an application. Just like user experience has remained a point of focus in website designs, it is now time to focus on UX when designing mobile apps. Here are some of the common reasons why.

  • You Are up Against Thousands of Competitors

The world of mobile applications is just as saturated as internet websites. When you design your business application do not be under the impression that you are the only one with an amazing application. Look around, and you will find hundreds and thousands of other applications from your competitors competing to be the best. If you do not provide a smooth experience on your application to your users, you must understand they have many other options. Recent statistics show that Americans will download close to 75 billion applications in 2021.

These statistics are only for Americans, and you can tell from the figure how many applications one person will be downloading. If you want your application to stay on these users’ phones, you have to make it something special.

  • Your Brand Image Is on the Line

Believe it or not, people make an image of your brand after using your application. After using thousands and thousands of applications, they fully understand what makes up a good or a bad app. Not to mention, they keep getting updates from online reviewers about what’s hot and what’s not. If they like your brand because of the quality of your products and services, they will expect the same from your application. In fact, your application is a product for them. The ability to write reviews and rate applications on app stores has made people very vocal. They will not hold back from criticizing your application if they don’t find it pleasing. The more bad ratings you get, the more it will hurt your brand image.

  • Your Conversion Rates Depend on It

The overall experience a user has with your application can significantly influence their buying decisions. Keep in mind that your applications are a great way for you to not only market and advertise your services but to offer rewards to your customers as well. Earning loyalty points is a standard feature that appears in many applications, which makes the customers use your app frequently and keeps them motivated. You can always find many other ways of interacting with them. Maybe you can launch polls and get their opinions about ongoing matters. Once you have won their trust, they are ready to do business with you. However, an application with bad user experience can do the exact opposite.

  • You Can Offer Better Customer Service

One of the best things about mobile applications is that they allow you to provide excellent customer service. You can slowly move away from conventional methods of giving customer service i.e. online forms, ticket generation, emails, etc. and use your application to get feedbacks and provide solutions. Mobile users love this particular aspect of applications. In fact, Google introduced a customer help desk section on its latest Android versions too, which goes to show that your mobile application can lay a firm foundation for your customer service as well.

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