Metrics That Help You Gauge Your SEO Performance

The beauty of internet marketing is that it allows you to get a feedback on your efforts and collect data on the performance of your campaigns. If you are not closely ana…

The beauty of internet marketing is that it allows you to get a feedback on your efforts and collect data on the performance of your campaigns. If you are not closely analyzing your key performance indicators of the campaigns, your internet marketing will be more like shooting arrow in the dark. When you avail professional search engine optimization services, they do it all for you. However, you should still stay on top of everything by asking them to send you daily and weekly reports on your SEO’s key performance indicators. Read on to know the most important KPIs for any SEO campaigns.

Ranking of Keywords

Surely, search engine optimization revolves around keywords. However, most new website owners are not fully aware of how they need to look at and analyze the keywords to make the most of them. There are certain keywords you are competing to rank high for. However, if you are ranking high for certain keywords, it does not mean you have achieved your target. The most important thing that gives you an insight of your SEO performance is the quality of the keywords you are ranking for. You first have to work on separating the most profitable keywords. You don’t want to rank number 1 for a keyword that does not drive any traffic on your website.

Website Traffic

If you have been putting money in search engine optimization for months, you should start seeing results in the form of website traffic. However, once again you need to focus on quality and not quantity. It will not do you any good if thousands of visitors come on your website every day but buy nothing. Analyze which page the traffic is spending the most time on and which page has the highest bounce rate. See how many of the visitors are coming back on your website repeatedly and how many are new ones. Using the analytical tools, you want to see what times are the peak times for your traffic and which regions of the world have the highest number of people interested in your website.

Conversion Rates

Whether it’s your website traffic or keywords, the only plausible method of measuring your SEO’s performance is to look at the conversion rate. You don’t have to look at your website’s overall conversion rate because it does not really tell you the story. You have to see which referral websites are sending potential traffic. Furthermore, you will have to see the backlinks that are bringing the productive traffic on your website. Some keywords or blog posts might be pulling a lot of traffic on your website. However, if those visitors are not giving you any business, they are no good for you.


After content, backlinks are the most important part of any SEO campaign. In the past few years, Google has made it clear that it will actually punish the websites that have too many backlinks from low quality websites. Links that come from the same page and from generic anchor texts are also considered low quality backlinks. You will have to use the tools that tell you the quality of your backlinks, the anchor texts they are associated to and the websites they are coming from. Any backlinks that are coming into your website from low quality websites need to be disavowed. If you are seeing an increasing number of high quality backlinks to your website, you can safely say that your SEO professionals are doing a great job.

Other things that might not be as important as the points given above but still matter include the page loading time of your website, frequency at which your website content is being updated etc.