Some Common Misconceptions About Mobile Apps

The number of people who are accessing the online world exclusively through their mobile devices is on the rise. Mobile phones are the tools of choice when it comes to co…

The number of people who are accessing the online world exclusively through their mobile devices is on the rise. Mobile phones are the tools of choice when it comes to connecting with people, researching product and services as well as purchasing the desired items. If you have not already made your products and services available to be accessed via mobile apps, you are making your business suffer.

Your business has to be optimized for the world of mobile devices. A comprehensive mobile development strategy can secure the future of your business and ensure sustainability. Making your services available through mobile apps is one of the key elements of successful mobile development strategy. Persistent myths about mobile app development can discourage small and medium business owners to effectively tap into the mobile market.

Let us discuss some of the most common myths and misconceptions and see if they hold any truth.

Myth 1: Mobile App Development is Expensive

The biggest reason most small and medium sized businesses are weary of mobile apps is the cost of developing one. Many business owners think they may have to hire dedicated staff, just to create and market mobile apps, costing them tons of resources. This is no longer true.

Building a mobile app from scratch is complicated and requires skills. You do need a team of trained experts to design, develop and make the app functional. Thankfully, many mobile app development services are offering cost-effective services in the market. Many efficient solutions are available to make your business mobile-accessible.

If you manage to find a good app development company, they can very well make some features and content on your websites part of your mobile apps without spending unnecessary amount of money.

Myth 2: They Just Take Too Much Time

One of the most commonly held misconceptions’ regarding mobile app development is the supposed time they take to develop and deploy. Some people think it takes as long as six months to get a quality app developed and running. This again, is simply inaccurate.

With new technologies and improved development tools, dedicated mobile app development services can create useful apps in a couple of months or even sooner, depending on your needs and nature of the app. You can also order to get several unique apps developed for your specific products and services. Reusing codes and back end services can speed up the development and integration of the many apps.

Myth 3: Mobile Apps are Difficult to Maintain

Developing a mobile app that works well on all the different devices and platforms such as Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile can be tough, if an inexperienced developer is in charge. However, a good app development service does not develop well-integrated apps, it can also help with updates and maintenance of apps. A quality app with updated features is hassle-free to run and maintain.

Myth 4: Business Apps are Data Heavy

The belief that well-developed business mobile apps have to be heavy if they are to offer useful features is not based in reality. Data heavy apps are thought to place high loads on handsets and back end systems, thus not very popular among mobile users. This may be true, however, not all business apps have to heavy to be effective.

A good mobile platform can help you take substantial amounts of data from back end and transmit much smaller amount to the handset. Limiting the size of data transferred for each of your mobile app to around 1 MB can make your apps more useful for the users.

Do not let any or all of these myths hold back the productivity of your business. Find a good mobile app development service and bring your business to the palms of your customers.