5 Things That Can Really Boost Your SEO Rankings

5 Things That Can Really Boost Your SEO Rankings
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Search engine optimization is one of the most expansive ways of marketing on the internet. It’s not as simple a process as writing marketing emails. There is a lot of stu…

Search engine optimization is one of the most expansive ways of marketing on the internet. It’s not as simple a process as writing marketing emails. There is a lot of stuff that needs to be done and every process requires attention to detail. Some website owners would take matters in their hands but they cannot match the results delivered by professional SEO companies. However, in order to improve your website’s ranking and beat your competitors, you need to know some useful tips that can make your SEO strategies sound. Here are the tips that will surely have a positive impact on your SEO rankings.

  • Know the Keywords That Are for You

When you think of SEO you think of keywords. People believe that the keywords that are related to their industry and business are the most lucrative keywords for them. This is not the case because all their industry-specific keywords are not equally potential for them. What they have to do is research the keywords thoroughly and sift the ones that are most potential for their business. Many SERP software tools can help them filter the best keywords. When you do the research you will identify many keywords that look relevant to your industry but have not attracted any traffic on your website. After identifying these keywords, you want to work only on the keywords that bring traffic to your website.

  • Know Your Web Host’s Potential

It does not ever occur to most website owners that their website hosting company plays a role in their SEO ranking too. One of Google’s metrics to rank website high or low is the page load time. If your web host’s connection is slow, servers are overloaded or located far away from you, the end result will be slow loading website and other web pages. This contributes to lower ranking of your website on search results. If your web host is slowing your website down, pick one with a better setup.

  • Only Work on Quality Backlinks

Work on quality backlinks to really become a favorite of Google. Quantity of backlinks does not matter anymore. In fact, it can contribute to lowering your ranking in search results more often than not. You can write guest posts or hire guest post writers to get backlinks coming to your website from highly reputable blogs and websites. Do not get involved in the war of having more backlinks because it will hurt your ranking.

  • Give Local SEO the Deserved Attention

You cannot consider your search engine optimization strategies complete unless you include local SEO in them. The first thing that you need to do for your local SEO is claiming your business on local business listing websites. Once you have claimed your business on these websites, you become more trustable for Google and hence you rank higher. Furthermore, you get free and high quality backlinks from these local business listing websites when you claim your business there. The more listing websites you claim your business on the more backlinks you earn for free.

  • Take Mobile SEO Seriously

This is the elephant in the room for many business owners. Your website loses a lot of visibility on the internet when it is not mobile. First, people searching for businesses on their mobile devices will never see your website in search results unless your website is optimized for mobile. You should take this matter even more seriously if you have an ecommerce website. The concept of ecommerce is fast turning into a concept of mcommerce. The conversion rates are getting better on mobile devices and there are more mobile devices users in the world today than desktop users.

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