Improve Your SEO by Watching Out for These Five Factors

In today’s age, it is crucial for businesses of all types to create a website in order to gain recognition in the industry and market their products and services. The mor…

In today’s age, it is crucial for businesses of all types to create a website in order to gain recognition in the industry and market their products and services. The more visible your website is on Google, the better chances of you receiving good traffic and an increase in sales and conversions.

If there are no visits, all efforts made on the website will go in vain. Are you facing trouble getting visitors to your website? Can’t figure out why? Well, there are dozens of reasons why your website may not be doing well in the aspect of Search Engine Optimization, but here are five vital factors that affect rankings the most:

1. Web Hosting Performance

Often, when businesses create websites, they often place emphasis on the design, style, format of text, and attractiveness. However, don’t give due importance to the primary factor of ranking high, which is good page loading speed. Bear in mind no matter how successful your website content is, if it takes a minute to respond and load, you can forget about ranking better. A common cause of slow loading is your web hosting performance. Make sure to acquire a good service that offers fast speeds with reliable up-time.

2. Content Quality

If there is one way you can improve your Search Engine Optimization and gain an edge over your competition, it is to offer high quality and unique content to your readers and visitors. Good content can defeat the best SEO tricks, but you need to be wary of the images, keywords in links, word count, and number of internal links (as they all affect quality of content).

You must also use relevant H1, H2, H3 tags to promote easy readability of content. Most important of all, you need to have proper keyword density (4% to 8%) and try your best for adding different types of content (images, videos, infographics, etc).

3. Social Media Engagement

The way your brand appears on social media profiles now plays an important role in how high you will be ranking on Google’s SERPs. Surveys have shown that websites with a large number of likes/ shares/ comments/ reactions are more preferred by search engines. Therefore, it is time for you to add social buttons on your website, regardless of whether it’s for an online business or a personal blog. Some of the best social media platforms to test your luck include LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

4. Quality of Website Themes

While you do have to place emphasis on responsiveness, functionality, and page speed of your site, the quality and design of your website theme is what really attracts consumers into exploring the numerous pages of your site and checking out your products and services. If your site features bad coding, it may suffer from poor page load speeds, issues in navigation, and poor responsiveness.

Therefore, choose a quality theme, which also has a mobile-responsive and optimized version for bringing a large amount of traffic from mobile devices.

5. Back-links from Authoritative Websites

If you are a beginner in Search Engine Optimization, a good way to start is to refer to your clients, partners, colleagues, relatives, and friends who run a blog and ask them for a back-link. Make sure though you get content links, rather than those in the footer and sidebar. More importantly, be careful that all your back-links come from websites that are relevant to your business, target audience, and niche. If you are facing trouble in getting back-links, you can acquire professional SEO services to receive good results and get the ROI you expect on SEO.