Shared WordPress Web Hosting

Sharing is good – Spread the “Word” Press AroundSo everyone is talking about it. Are you too? Did you know that shared web hosting is becoming one of the most popular typ…

Sharing is good – Spread the “Word” Press Around

So everyone is talking about it. Are you too? Did you know that shared web hosting is becoming one of the most popular types of hosting used by WordPress users? In spite of it being so highly popular people don’t often understand what Shared WordPress Web hosting is all about. We all are enticed with those catchy “unlimited, easy, and affordable” tag lines and phrases but before we make any decision, it is highly recommended that you read through to find out more about shared WordPress hosting.

So, what is exactly Shared WordPress Web Hosting?

Shared hosting is simply when multiple websites online share a large server which lets web hosting companies provide the service at a far more economical rate. This is without a doubt the most affordable option for your company when it comes to web hosting. For instance, you decide that you want a dedicated web server for your website. Now, do remember that their cost would start at somewhere around $150 to $2000 or even $5000 per month and this is but just the lower limit. Whereas if you go for a shared web hosting service the cost accruing to you would be somewhere around $3.95 to $9.95 per month. That is a phenomenal difference!

So, Let’s Try and Grab This Right

One big catch that you will find with most shared hosting companies is that their offers are simply mouth watering and so are the lies that they come up with. If you hear someone claiming free or unlimited disk space or bandwidth, just remember that these are all their marketing efforts and nothing more. They might boast about offering unlimited domains, and well, basically unlimited everything that you can possibly imagine but as users what we need to understand is that there will be no unlimited stuff for us when it comes to web hosting. Shared web hosting option in WordPress is usually ideal for smaller businesses and websites which include new bloggers, small scale vendors or service providers, etc. Every site has their own predetermined quota of disk space and bandwidth which is typically not used over the course of their functioning. That is the reason this shared hosting works out fine for every user.

As user you get an affordable deal, and the hosting companies make a good profit. So everybody wins! And the long and short of it is that this is the best option for beginner businesses and young entrepreneurs who are just starting out. The moment your website starts to grow and get popular and utilizes more and more of server resources, you will be asked to upgrade by the company. Well, it is quite clear from the trends that out of the numerous hosting companies in the market some of them may not be so polite and may even go about suspending your account. Ouch! Then what they do is send you an email telling you and not asking you to upgrade. Double ouch! Other companies are not so discourteous and therefore they have a solid reputation in the market. That is why you should always pick a shared hosting company that has some good will to brag about.

Reputation is an important factor that helps you decide on what kind of shared WordPress hosting to go for. And going with a reputed name in the business would give your business the following advantages:

  • The biggest is the cost advantage. The hosting fee is a nominal $4 to $10. On top of that the maintenance fee that you will pay is again shared by thousands of other websites like yours.
  • There is much competition out there and that has led to massive improvements in technology. Most shared WordPress web hosting services out there will come equipped with easy to use dashboards or tools or admin panel, etc.
  • Companies today employ highly skilled IT and WordPress professionals that allow you to completely hand over the task of managing your website to them and peacefully concentrate on your core business activities.
  • Most large or reputed hosting companies offer multiple services and flexible packages in some cases so the moment you want to upgrade you can do it without any hassle.

Disadvantages of shared hosting

  • As compared to dedicated servers, the response times are slower on shared web hosting servers.
  • Overselling by the company can be a total buzz-kill and this can cause regular site down times and lag.

So again, all this boils down to this one thing that choose a company that has a reputation to uphold and your business will prosper.