Major SEO Mistakes That Have To Be Avoided

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process for any business with an online website. Since it is a continuous process, consistency and improvement are the main keys …

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process for any business with an online website. Since it is a continuous process, consistency and improvement are the main keys to keep it effective over the course of time. It is not always about doing things right. Sometimes, it is in fact more about avoiding doing things the wrong way. Hiring search engine optimization specialists is thus a better way to invest in this area of marketing than bearing the burden on your shoulders. To continue with a successful SEO strategy, here are the top mistakes you must avoid.

Focusing on the Number of Backlinks

Latest algorithm updates from Google have made it crystal clear that number of backlinks is not a metric to boost a website’s ranking anymore. What matters for Google now is the number of quality backlinks. It is better to have fewer quality links than to have a large number of low quality links. So, if you are still trying to create a lot of backlinks as part of you SEO strategy, maybe you are still stuck in 2014-15. Shift your focus on creating only high quality backlinks and you will see the favorable results faster than you have imagined.

Focusing Only on Keywords

Keywords are the blood and soul of search engine optimization. However, there are many other factors down the list that need your attention. Page load times, web page titles, interlinking of web pages, backlinks, mobile compatibility etc. are some other factors that are directly or indirectly related to SEO. These factors need your attention just as much as the keywords do. Keep working to filter and gather the most potential keywords for your content but don’t forget that these factors are just as important in giving your website rank the boost it needs. An SEO firm provides all these services in a bundled package.

Ignoring Local Search

With industry experts putting so much stress on the subject, it is unlikely that you haven’t still taken notice of local SEO. Local search engine optimization is all about playing around keywords and factors that boost your ranking among local businesses. The competition is less tough in a local SEO world and the results are great. There are certain types of businesses that can greatly benefit from local SEO such as restaurants, hotels, car dealerships, law firms etc. There are many techniques and methods used to boost your local SEO rankings. Once again, it is best that you let the professionals take care of this job.

Not Using Analytics

SEO without analytics is like a car with a blind driver. How can you make your search engine optimization strategy better if you are not even looking at what’s working and what’s not working. It’s the analytics that tell you what you have to work on in the coming times. With analytics you know which page on your website is engaging visitors and which one is only contributing to peaking bounce off rate. Furthermore, you will get help from analytics on which keywords are driving traffic and which ones are converting. It does not take much time to understand that keywords that are converting more are keywords that you should be working on more.

Falling for False Promises

This mistake is often made by new business owners when they are looking for a search engine optimization company for the first time. The company makes false promises with them and they fall for those promises. Keep in mind that your website ranking can go from 50th page to 2nd page in a week only when your SEO firm is using some black hat techniques. Black hat techniques will give your website the temporary boost but then it ends up in heavy penalties from Google and other search engines.