What Makes Fine Home Page Design

When visitors visit your website, they land on the home page. Believe it or not, the first impression is the last impression when it comes to website designs. There is a …

When visitors visit your website, they land on the home page. Believe it or not, the first impression is the last impression when it comes to website designs. There is a reason why people do not look primarily at their costs when selecting a website design company. Visitors like to make opinions about brands when they look at their websites which mean your home page design can negatively or positively affect your branding as well. A professionally designed home page not only boosts your SEO rankings, but it can also increase your conversion rates. So, what are the traits that make up a killer home page? Here are some of them.

  • Simple Yet Focused

One of the things users like about websites is the simplicity. Now, simplicity should not mean a bland and uninteresting web page. A simple home page makes everything legible and has a perfect balance between ink and white space. Furthermore, the aim of creating such a design is to keep a focus on the most important part of the website. For example, if you have a call-to-action button the home page, you would want to leave white space around it to make it appear above the fold. Avoid cluttering your home page with too much text or too many images.

  • Makes Use of Imagery

There was no trend of using images on the website a few years ago. When you look at the new websites, you hardly find ones that don’t use imagery for branding and marketing purposes. If an image is worth, a thousand words, a picture on your home page is worth 2000 words. First, you put the image to make a strong connection with your visitors as soon as they land on your home page. For example, if you sell sports footwear, an effective marketing tactic would be to put the picture of a famous footballer on the home page. Of course, you can always be as creative as you want with your home page images.

  • Loads in a Blink

Nothing can be more impressive for website visitors than a home page that opens in the blink of an eye. Several surveys have now shown that visitors like to visit websites that open faster. The same surveys also prove that when your website loads slower, your visitors often end up on your competitor’s website. There are many ways to make your website load faster. Do not put over sized images on the home page, pick the right web host and trim the rough edges of your website code. The faster your home page loads, the longer the visitors will stay on it.

  • Has Engaging Content

Your home page should make it clear for your website visitors what your business is all about. It must not look boring, and there must be something that engages your traffic. Most businesses are making use of small video loops on their home pages. These short snippets are engaging, give a small glimpse of your company’s culture and send a powerful impression of your brand. So, while you are trying to make your website easy to navigate and fast to load, you also have to use attractive and engaging content to make visitors stop by.

  • Uses Wise Colors

It does not matter what your brand colors are; you have to use them wisely on the website to avoid making it an eye sore. Sometimes the brands have striking colors. Using them all over the website can be a huge mistake, but when used in moderation they carry a strong brand image without hurting visitors’ eyes. You can take the example of DHL. They have a striking yellow and red color for their brand. However, they did not color the background of their website yellow or red. Instead, they chose to make some elements red and yellow while keeping the main body of the website white.