Which Hosting Plan Is Best For Your Business

Doing everything in your power to increase traffic to your website only to realize your website is not capable of handling the increasing number of customers, is downrigh…

Doing everything in your power to increase traffic to your website only to realize your website is not capable of handling the increasing number of customers, is downright disappointing. You need a reliable web hosting plan that offers comprehensive plans to cater to your every online need.

The cost of a web-hosting plan, web-space it promises, its data transfer capabilities, up-time on offer as well as access to technical support are all the factors you need to think about when choosing a web hosting plan for your business.

However, the more fundamental consideration is the kind of hosting plan that suits your business needs the most. Whether you go for a shared plan or a more personalized one, your decision must take into account your current web needs as well as the prospective future load on your business servers.

To help you better make up your mind, here is a list of some of the most popular web hosting plans out there;

Free Hosting

If cost is your main concern, you will be happy to know there is such a thing as free hosting. This plan promises to offer free of cost limited solutions to your online needs.

However, with every other thing that is free, there is a catch. You will have to use the domain name of the company offering free services. If you have a website that depends on interactions with customers, free hosting is not a good idea as it does not ensure much space or quality of service.

Shared Hosting

This is the most effective cost-efficient web-hosting plan. As the name suggests this plan involves many websites sharing a single server. The sharing of software and hardware allows for cost-sharing. You can get a plan by paying a few dollars every month.

Cost is an obvious upside while the compromised performance and possible limitations of web-space are the downsides. It is therefore imperative that if you opt for shared hosting you get hooked with a reliable company that offers comparatively bigger space.

Dedicated Hosting

It practically means you have a server of your own. You rent a server from a company dedicated only to your business. It makes sense for already established businesses with a sizable traffic directed to their website. If you are prepared to spend some extra money dedicated hosting is a good hosting option.

No sharing with other websites and no fighting over resources mean more efficient operation without worrying about the potential harmful effects of other websites. Full root or admin access gives you total control over your server.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting, is something in between a shared hosting plan and a dedicated hosting plan. It provides your website a shared server that acts like many small separate servers. You get more space and ability to install specific software packages that are needed for your unique business needs.

It usually is a great choice for more established businesses with growing software needs. The admin access to a business’ software gives increases autonomy when compared to shared hosting plans.

Colocation Hosting

If you have money to spend and a skillful IT team, you can also go for colocation hosting plan. In this plan you basically rent out some space with a web-hosting services provider. So, basically you have your own server and you yourself are responsible to install, upgrade and repair it. The web-host facility implies provides a home for it.

These are some of the most commonly used hosting plans. While picking the one you deem right for your business keep the cost, offered resource, and need for security and dedicated access in mind.