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VPS Hosting In Jordan


If you are that person that has been previously using shared hosting plan and have probably realized that you need more band-with space, it's time to turn to Virtual private servers. It does not only allow enough band-with space for big businesses but also for mega companies. Therefore, it will ultimately be enough to host your large dream website. In this article, we shall have a look at some of the pro features of VPS Hosting In Jordan.

It is highly customizable

Any website that belongs to a business aspiring to grow should have a high flexibility in the bandwidth-space. This is the only way to ensure that all the storage needs of the site are adequately addressed. Fortunately, Yadonia Group understands the need for ample storage space among most websites for large companies.

Semi and Fully-managed servers

Yadonia Group is committed to cater for needs of all their customers. Therefore, they have stretched their best foot forward through ensuring that they have servers for both large scale and small scale businesses. Although their semi-managed plans lack a hosting control panel, they are well compatible with whichever hardware, operating system or fundamental configuration issues of their customers.

Wide capacity of accounts

The best thing about the VPS web hosting plan is that it combines the properties of both dedicated hosting plan as well as the shared hosting servers. Therefore, they can be highly customized to match the specifications of the users. They can also be upgraded to accommodate unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts, unlimited sub domains, unlimited FTP accounts and unlimited MySQL databases and so on.

High performance VPS hosting

A major limitations that has been observed with most of the operating systems of clients is incompatibility with the control panel. However, the good news is that the VPS Hosting In Jordan uses a powerful VPS system that enables you to use your desired App regardless of the control panel system that you are using.


Whether you are launching a website for a big or a small company, a VPS web hosting plan may be the perfect solution towards the development of your business. It enables you to expand your business without having to change your plan. Thanks to the Yadonia Group for availing dedicated services of VPS Hosting In Jordan.

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