Web Hosting Services In Jeddah

Dedicated servers hosting is one of the Web Hosting Services In Jeddah offered by hosting companies. Dedicated hosting is a preferred choice of many clients.

Web Hosting Services In Jeddah have classified dedicated hosting under two packages: the unmanaged and managed hosting. The article will shed some light on the two options and focus on their benefits and demerits.

Website and blog owners may not clearly understand what each hosting package entails. One of the major disadvantages of dedicated hosting is that it is very technical to operate. Clients need to understand this aspect.

According to Web Hosting Services In Jeddah hosting providers, here is a basic definition of the two hosting options:

Unmanaged hosting- The user simply rents the server from the hosting provider and is tasked with the responsibility of managing the server. The firm may hire an external web/network administrator to run the server.

Managed dedicated hosting- The hosting company leases the server and takes up the role of managing the server. The server will be managed by professionals in the hosting company 24/7/365.

Benefits of managed hosting


The hosting provider offers experience and tools that will monitor and handle security on all-around the clock basis. It is their duty to filter spams, provide OS updates and run security updates.


They offer excellent backup plans for lost or corrupted data.

Server monitoring

They monitor the server and check out an irregularities or problems.

Managed storage and database

The system admins are tasked with the role of managing the storage space.They can create or downscale storage space. Database management is taxing for those with limited experience.

Cost effective

Less money is spent in the long run other than hiring an in-house technician

It saves time

Businesses can focus on other important issues as someone is watching and managing the servers for them


The features allocated to the server can be easily customized to suit the needs and budget of the organization.

Unmanaged dedicated hosting

With unmanaged dedicated hosting, users can buy and use their own servers. However, there may be need to hire an IT team that will be responsible for managing the server and dealing with the technical issues. This may prove difficult and expensive in the long run.


Armed with the basics of the managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting options, clients can now make an informed decision. However, as much the managed dedicated hosting may be a bit costly, it is a better option. The pricing should not be the only guide that should be used to make the decision.