Web Hosting Services In Saudi Arabia

While choosing the best Web Hosting Services In Saudi Arabia for your site or blog, one may have difficulty making a choice. Web hosting companies offer Web Hosting Services In Saudi Arabia to their clients. How do clients know what hosting option is ideal for them.

Dedicated hosting, VPS and cloud servers are some of the Web Hosting Services In Saudi Arabia that clients can access. Among the three, which is the best? The article will discuss each kind of hosting in depth.

Virtual Private Network or VPS

In VPS hosting, clients get a small piece of dedicated server. That small piece of server is referred to as a container. One of the benefits of having a VPS is that one has full control of the resources allocated to the container which include the CPU, bandwidth, RAM and disk space. Other users who share the a part of the dedicated server with you, have their own resources. Each container works in isolation. The cost of each container may vary depending on the features.

For those clients who wish to have a hosing solution that needs more computers but working on a tight budget, VPS hosting is ideal.

Cloud server

It has similar benefits as the VPS. However, the resources for the cloud server are on-demand. Cloud servers have additional benefits too.

Benefits of cloud servers

  • Limitless flexibility over server resources
  • The resources/features can be up scaled or downscaled without restarting the server.
  • Charges are made based on the resources used.

What exactly do we mean when we say cloud server hosting? It means that the website/blog is hosted on a pool of hypervisors. The data is hosted in a central storage area reffered to as SAN. In the event that one hypervisor fails, another hypervisor in the cloud takes over. That way, the server downtime is massively reduced.

Dedicated server

In dedicated server hosting, the user leases an entire server from the hosting provider. The user has access to all the resources. The features can be modified or customized whenever they please.

There are two options: the fully managed and the unmanaged dedicated hosting.

Unmanaged dedicated hosting- The user is responsible for server management

Fully-managed hosting- the web hosting provider takes care of the server management.

Benefits of fully managed hosting covers

  • 24/7/365 server management
  • Database management
  • Storage management
  • Software updates
  • Security updates and patches.

Dedicated hosting is ideal for clients who need more hosting power.