Avoid These SEO Mistakes At Any Cost

SEO is all about helping your website take steps on the ladder of search result rankings. You have to use certain search engine optimization methods to improve your websi…

SEO is all about helping your website take steps on the ladder of search result rankings. You have to use certain search engine optimization methods to improve your website’s rankings but you also have to avoid the wrong ones. When looking for SEO professionals, make sure you pick an honest search engine optimization company. With using third party services for SEO, honesty is a huge concern. Keep in mind that there are many not-so-straightforward methods of doing SEO. Some illegal methods might produce great results in the beginning, but the end is always dark for them. Here’s what you must not do as part of your SEO marketing to avoid penalties and bad rankings.

Keyword Stuffing

If you had done it 4 years back, you might have had your few days of fame on top of the search results. However, not only keyword stuffing is impractical today but it can be penalized very harshly by major search engines, especially Google. Google asks SEO experts to create informative content. This content should engage visitors for how informative it is. If some piece of content does not offer any informative value to readers but is stuffed with keywords, it will be used against the website’s ranking. This does not mean you can’t use keywords anymore. Of course, keywords are still the most important building blocks of SEO, but you have to use them very naturally today. This all leads to availability of only high quality content on the internet.

Black Hat SEO

This is another way many unprofessional SEO companies will try to give a boost to your website ranking. Black hat SEO is all about incorporating illegal maneuvers to deceive a search engine into ranking your website higher. Many of the techniques used are cloaking, hidden text and links, keyword stacking, non-relevant keyword use, page swapping, mirror sites, spam content etc. In the past, black hat SEO people would stuff your content with keywords but make the keyword so small that normal human eye is not able to catch it. At times, they will write keywords, give text white color and thus the text will disappear in the white background.

Blindly Creating Backlinks

Backlinks are as important a part of SEO as keywords. The rule for backlinks is the same as it is for keywords – you will not overdo or stuff them. In the past, companies with the highest number of backlinks were getting their rankings boosted. However, at that time Google was not paying attention to the quality of those keywords. Later on and to this day, Google now urges SEO professionals to use only quality backlinks i.e. backlinks that are coming from high authority and reputable websites.Furthermore, these links must come from relevant pages and land on pages where more relevant information to the anchor text is available. Links coming from dubious websites are now penalized.

Trying to Do It Yourself

When you have a website and you want the best of it, you can feel like doing everything for it on your own. That’s passion but passion must always have the right direction to achieve something special. You might not realize but SEO requires a lot of repetitive work and concentration. The time required to research the keywords and then create content to make use of those keywords can be greatly distracting for you as a business owner. The best way is to hand over this job to professional search engine optimization professionals. They know where to start, they have the right tools to measure the progress of your SEO and they also send you regular reports so you are always on top of everything.