The Best Type Of Content For Social Media Marketing

As you must have heard and read hundreds of times, successful social media marketing calls for compelling and engaging content. Sharing creative content is not such a big…

As you must have heard and read hundreds of times, successful social media marketing calls for compelling and engaging content. Sharing creative content is not such a big challenge. The bigger challenge is to keep coming up with creative content on a regular basis. This is why established brands hire professional social media marketing teams to do it for them. Irrespective of whether you are doing the marketing yourself or hiring professionals to do it, you should have ample knowledge of what type of content really works on social media. Here are some content types that really work for businesses on social networking platforms.

Visual Content

Visual content is not just images, but it can be videos Gifs and infographics too. What makes visual content so important is the response it gets from people. Visual content is considered the most powerful type of content by all online marketing experts. The engagement percentage for visual content is many times higher than plain text content. Furthermore, visuals are great not only in sending a clear message to your audience but also making the message more powerful. Words are only words. Their interpretation is still limited to a reader’s imagination. On the other hand, visuals send a clear message and get it across without much interpretation to do.

Emotionally Connecting Content

If you are active on social media, you will notice that the large brands of the world have suddenly started making emotional videos. They are creating internet ads with emotions being a common factor in all of them. There are many ways to create content that hits your customers and target audience with force. For example, many sportswear manufacturers have made ads where a big sports celebrity will surprise a fan. These sports stars will either visit the fan at their house or surprise them elsewhere. Some brands have created ads with big celebrities meeting their fans with special needs. If you do some research, it’s not hard to find a cultural aspect that can emotionally unite the people of that culture.

Trending Content

The content that really matters to your target audience, loyal customers and any internet user is the trending content. It might surprise you but trending content is not always what’s going on in the world. Sometimes some things are only popular and viral on social media and in the internet world. Sometimes it is just a meme that’s trending. What you have to do is use the tools that tell you about the latest trends, and then create content related to these trends. Trending hashtags on Twitter are probably the easiest and the most effective way of knowing that’s trending. Keep in mind your target audience when you use trending content to your advantage. Sometimes they talked about content is only more relevant to a particular age group, gender, region etc.

How to Content

By how to content it means content that gives people tips, tells them methods of doing certain things and guides them on certain matters. Pinterest is a great example of a social network where stuff that gets shared the most includes recipes, guides, tips etc. It could be something as simple as tying a shoe lace to something as complex as solving a Rubik’s cube with closed eyes. The best thing about this type of content is that it ranks higher on search engine as well. Google really loves this type of content because it is clear from the title of this content that it will have some useful information in it. For such content to rank higher on search engines and catch internet users’ attention you will use terms like “how to”, “tips for”, “X number of methods to” etc. in your content titles.