How To Make Content Work For Your SEO

No matter how clichéd it sounds, “content is king” is as true a statement as can be. Businesses all around the world are producing tons of data every day to rank higher o…

No matter how clichéd it sounds, “content is king” is as true a statement as can be. Businesses all around the world are producing tons of data every day to rank higher on search engines. But not all businesses are able to understand the philosophy behind SEO content. SEO content is special in that it strengthens and supports your SEO efforts and ranks your website higher in search engine search pages. But not all content is equal and no one understands it better than the major search engines. In order for your content to rank higher on result pages, it needs to have the following qualities.

It Uses Keywords Naturally

Go back half a decade in time and you will find content that was filled with keywords and no information. This content was designed to rank higher on search engines and it worked at that time. However, with several algorithm updates from Google, a point has been reached where only naturally used keywords matter anymore. If you stuff keywords in your content unnecessarily, not only will you rank low but Google might punish you in some other way.

It Offers Information

As soon as you throw away the idea of keywords stuffing from your content, you have to prepare to write informative content. Google and other search engines can know how much information some content offers by seeing the time spent by users on that content. Of course, they have other ways of weighing the usefulness of the content as well. For example, “how to”, “tips for” and “ways to” etc. kind of content ranks high on Google. Looking at the titles that start with these phrases it becomes clear that they are going to offer some useful information.

It Is Updated Regularly

One of the most important things that Google and other search engines expect SEOs and website owners to do is update the content frequently. Keep in mind that your competitors can rank high for certain keywords only because they have created fresh content pertaining to those keywords. If your blog posts or articles have not been updated for a year, Google will slowly start pushing them down on its search result pages. It is, therefore, highly recommended that you update your content as soon and frequently as possible.

It Has Images in It

Believe it or not, images and visual content is the future of all content on the internet. In fact, most of the content shared on social media has some visual aspect to it. Not to mention, content with some visuals is nearly 600% more engaging than content that does not have any visuals and images. One of the most useful ways of making your content visually appealing and SEO friendly is by converting it into infographics.

It Is Optimized for Local SEO

In the recent years, local SEO has gotten more attention than conventional search engine optimization. Local content addresses people of a particular region and thus the keyword competition is less tough than is for global keywords. You have to work on local keywords in order to incorporate them in your local SEO content. When you work on the local side of your SEO, you also have to make sure to create landing pages that are most suitable and convenient for mobile users. Your local content will not do you any good if your landing pages are no optimized for mobile users.

Since you have to keep on creating new, fresh and trending content, it requires SEO content specialists to take on this job. Coming up with new, optimized and engaging content can be a bigger challenge than you might consider in the beginning.