What Are Info-Graphics And Why Are They So Important?

There has been a significant change in social media marketing over the past few years as many brands and companies have shifted more towards info-graphics or visual marke…

There has been a significant change in social media marketing over the past few years as many brands and companies have shifted more towards info-graphics or visual marketing. A number of sites including Instagram, YouTube and Facebook promote a company’s products using multimedia files and documents. There have been noticeable changes in the structure of these sites, but all these social media giants utilize clever and to-the-point info-graphics.

If you are still using long-tailed texts to promote your content and to attract more online traffic, you must consider switching to images, short videos and even GIFs or else you might face a downfall in your sales, online traffic, profitability and whatnot. Graphics design is one of the key elements in a successful social media marketing campaign nowadays and is a must-have for all business and online companies.

As this modern era allows everyone to take pictures and involve more in multimedia files using smartphones and cameras, the use of such files has also increased in marketing products. The days when people used and preferred ads with simple headings and text-filled boxes are long gone.

In order to make your content successful, you must pay attention to a number of factors. There is a high chance that your content might go unread and unnoticed or does not attract a significant number of people even though you have made it hundred percent genuine and authentic. The reason why such content fail to grab the attention of your potential customers is that they lack eye-catching and interesting images. There is no doubt in saying that promotional campaigns containing images and videos grab more attention than those involving just a bunch of words.

There are also a number of scientific theories that suggest that using images instead of pictures is a better and wiser option. 90% percent of the information that the human brain receives is visual. Furthermore, our brain is designed to process and understand videos and images 60,000 times faster than text. There have been a number of studies conducted which suggest the same. A survey claims that 46% of the overall online traffic says that a company’s website design plays an important role in gaining credibility thus emphasizing on web design. Another study shows that content containing images tend to fetch 12% more audience than those with texts.

Facebook is probably the best and most used platform where millions of posts are uploaded every day. Businesses from all over the world use this platform to promote their content and products using different techniques in order to get the maximum amount of audience. Those businesses which integrate info-graphics in their marketing campaigns on Facebook have been seen to be much more successful than those that do not. This is because posts on Facebook with pictures receive 53% more likes than those without.

No matter what kind of business you run, you can still use more visualization while marketing your products online. If you own a car dealership, you should post different pictures from different angles of each car along with the necessary details. Or if you own a website, you should make it not only very appealing but also very decent and eye-catching.

Therefore, social media marketing might require you to seek professional assistance in order to be successful.