Why Businesses Hire a Professional Video Animation Company

When building a business, an online presence is a vital component of any marketing strategy. Whether it’s a mom-and-pop store serving a small town or an online retailer whose customer base stretches across the globe, the Internet is the consumer’s first stop for both information and buying options. To stand out, a company’s website should therefore provide easy access to both. Utilizing a professional video animation company when developing a website is the best way to achieve this.

Key Aspects of a Successful Website

According to Netcraft, a company that’s been tallying the number of websites on the Internet since 1995, there are more than one billion active websites today. In such a saturated market, having one company’s website shine above thousands of others targeting the same audience is a challenge — to say the least.

One way to make a dent in the competition is website aesthetics. A white page with black text and low-resolution images is the best way to scare away consumers. In a blog post, Dimitry Fadeyev, an accomplished web designer, makes a strong argument about the importance of good design on the success of a website and in turn a company.

And inherent in any good design is usability. If consumers can successfully navigate around a site, find what they’re looking for and discover new things along the way, the company is doing things right, but it doesn’t stop there.

Why Use a Professional Video Animation Company?

So what’s the best way to relay information to the consumer? Well, according to a survey of marketing professionals conducted by marketing firm Eloqua, video animation is the second most-used method for information dissemination to generate sales leads.

Holding the number one spot is the contact us content section, but video animation has surpassed marketing mainstays like surveys, case studies and free trial offers.

In a Forbes article, Dr. Susan Weinschenk, a behavioral psychologist who uses her more than 30 years of experience to advise businesses on designing everything from websites and sales spaces to television advertisements and products “to make them persuasive, usable and motivating,” cites human nature as the main reason video animation is so effective.

According to Dr. Weinschenk, the brain is hard-wired to view a human face as a source of information. Consumers are thus more likely to pay attention to and understand an animated demonstration or description of products or services over a written one.

Beyond the scientific argument, consumers simply prefer seeing rather than reading. Whether a business is selling software, furniture, landscaping services or apparel, the use of video animation to demonstrate someone explaining things while navigating the software, building the furniture or wearing the apparel are the best way to relay the most information to the consumer.

Consumers will always want the contact us section of any website — and the more options for communication the better — but video animation is still the best way to sell a product in the quickest yet most convincing and aesthetically appealing way.