Benefits Of Claiming Your Local Listings

When you invest money in search engine optimization, you are pushing to make your business more visible on the internet. It has been proved in the recent years that brick…

When you invest money in search engine optimization, you are pushing to make your business more visible on the internet. It has been proved in the recent years that brick and mortar businesses benefit more from local SEO than they do from conventional SEO. Search engine optimization experts now provide professional services to these businesses to list them on local directories and make them more visible to the local audience. The conversion rates for local SEO are much higher than they are for conventional search engine optimization. Here are some benefits you will obtain by claiming your business on local listings.

You Gain Trust

The biggest benefit of claiming your local listing is gaining trust. Google Places, Yelp, Yellow Pages and many other online directories are considered trustable websites by search engines. When they list a website in their listings, search engines conclude that the listed business is legit and reputable. Furthermore, there are millions of users who visit these directories on a daily basis to find businesses in their areas. When they see you on multiple directories, they start trusting you. They realize that you are not some unknown business but a reputable business with online visibility and listing on various local directories.

You Get Traffic

Since the online directories are visited by thousands and millions of people on a daily basis, you can benefit from their traffic. When some searches for a particular type of business in a particular region, they don’t always get a specific listing. They get a list of several businesses in that area and even suggested ones. Therefore, an internet user might not primarily be looking for your business but end up clicking on your listing because it appears with other similar businesses in your area. Furthermore, your listing becomes a door for internet users who otherwise are not directly searching and coming to your website.

You Get Contacted

The best thing about listing your business with Google is how your business will appear when someone looks for it on Google. You already know from your experience how the search results look on Google. However, the search results for local businesses look completely different. If your business is listed and verified on several local listings, it will appear with a picture, rating, phone number, location and phone number. What this means is that the visitor does not even have to visit your website to contact you. They can simply call you from the ad that appears on Google. This increases the number of people who contact or come to your business on a daily basis.

You Get Ranked Higher

It is important that you pay full attention to listing your business on multiple local directories. This is because many local directories share the data of their listings with each other. If you are listed on one directory, there is a chance your business will appear on other directories as well. Regardless of whether they share the information or not, it is in your best interests to be listed and claimed on these websites. When your business is listed on so many trusted local directories, search engines start ranking your business higher. In simple words, your visibility on local listings does not only build the trust of your customers but search engines as well.

The beauty of local SEO is that you start focusing on local audience more and modify your website accordingly. You might want to translate the website to the local language, throw in special offers based on local events etc. This boosts your conversion even more and people feel more connected to you. Not to mention, there is always less competition in local SEO than there is in conventional SEO.