Reasons Why Custom Website Designs Are Better Than Templates

When your business is in its starting stages and you are looking to get a website, template designs can be quite an attraction. Many startup owners will even fall for the…

When your business is in its starting stages and you are looking to get a website, template designs can be quite an attraction. Many startup owners will even fall for these templates, as they are extremely easy to work with. However, these website owners are completely unaware of the many benefits that custom website designs come with. Not only are these designs an exact reflection of your imagination but they offer many additional benefits over the monotony and limits of template designs. Here are the reasons why a custom website design will always beat a template:

It Reflects Your Brand

When you pick a custom website design, you start from nothing. It is more like a white sheet where you start putting colors and components together to create a masterpiece. On the other hand, template designs have been created with generic industry specifics in mind. In simple words, they all look almost the same. Even if they don’t, they can’t still be a reflection of your business’ mission and vision. They have been designed by someone who does not know your business, your vision and passion associated with your business. How could a generic design like this portray your business ethics?

It Gives You Liberty

A custom website design gives you the liberty to play with any component of your website. On a template, there are only certain elements and components that you can make changes too. Some templates will allow you to change everything about them. However, wouldn’t that kill the purpose why templates exist? The best way to go about this is to start from scratch and have everything built according to your requirements. Along the way, you can make changes to every minor to major detail on your website.

It Makes You Stand Out

One of the biggest disadvantages of website design template is that it does not let you stand out from the crowd. You have to realize that the company that has given you the access to its templates has given hundreds and thousands of other website owners the same access. In short, there are thousands of other websites using the same template as you are or some modified version of it. Since the endorsers of template designs are looking for ease, they never make any big changes to those templates. As a result, there are hundreds of other websites that look just like yours.

It Is SEO and Marketing Friendly

One of the most important aspects of professional website design is that it has to be SEO and marketing friendly. Many website templates are roughly coded and so they take time to load – this goes against you as search engines rank you down due to page loading time. Furthermore, an ecommerce website has to go through a repetitive modification and improvement process to increase conversion on the website – this is known as conversion rate optimization. Only a custom website design can hold up to the vigorous testing, which is needed for CRO.

It Is Customer Centric

Website designs have to go through constant changes in order to become customer-centric. However, these changes can be best made with a custom website design. You can’t take customer feedback and then jump from template to template to find one that meets the requirements of your customers. In fact, you will never find one-size-fits-all solution to the ever-changing requirements of your customers. And if you were being forced to make hundreds of changes to your template, wouldn’t it have been better to go for a custom design in the first place? It is best that you let professionals work on your web design and start from scratch to infuse your brand identity within your website design.