Why It Matters To Talk SEO With Your Website Designer

If you go a few years back, websites design and search engine optimization were two completely different worlds. When you wanted to improve your website’s ranking, you re…

If you go a few years back, websites design and search engine optimization were two completely different worlds. When you wanted to improve your website’s ranking, you referred to search engine optimization experts. When you wanted changes made to your website, you talked to a website designing company. Today, both these processes have to start together. As soon as your website starts to be developed, SEO needs to become an important part of the process. This is why modern websites are also called SEO websites. Here are some reasons why you should talk SEO with your website designing company.

A Device Compatible Website

Search engines, especially Google, now have strict policies for mobile compatible websites. Your website might not even rank for your most potential keywords if a user performs a search on a mobile device and your website is not mobile friendly. For this reason, you have to either create a mobile dedicated website from scratch or get a responsive website done. These things have to be clear for your website designers from day one. In fact, if you are dealing with a professional website designing company, they will already work on these aspects and discuss them with you. You could say that a mobile friendly website is also an SEO friendly website.

An Easy to Navigate Website

Professionally done website designs take care of this particular aspect. The layout of your website should support the inter linking on your web pages. If you are running an ecommerce website with lots of products, you will need a lot of pages for those products. Some items will have to be linked to other items while others have to be kept separate. Search engine crawlers should be able to crawl through these pages smoothly and without obstacles. They should also be able to crawl from layer to layer and come back on the main page in a similar way. The layout of your website is really important to make this possible.

A User Focused Layout

The content you put on your website only counts when users feel the need to look at it. Here, the way your website has been designed matters a lot for your content to be appealing. If your website looks cluttered with unnecessary images and text, all your content will become useless. Visitors will not stay on your website because they will find it hard to focus on anything. If you are not able to grab their attention within first couple of seconds, they will open your competitor’s website within the next few moments. The use of white space, typography, font sizes etc. are all the things that really give weight to your content.

A Lightweight Website

In the past, website designers would only focus on making the website visually appealing and striking. They would use whatever sources they had available to achieve that “attraction” factor. They would insert many images, use flash animations etc. to make the website look great. However, since there was no focus on SEO side they would not care much about how all these steps were making the website heavier, resulting in increased page load times. Today, page load time is one of the metrics Google uses to rank a website. Slow page load times will push your website’s ranking down. So, when you get in touch with a website designer today, tell them that you want your page load times to be as small as possible for all the SEO reasons.

Keep in mind that discussing these things in advance will not only help get an SEO friendly website but save you a lot of money too. Spending separately on website design and SEO can cause a big dent on your marketing budget.