The Importance Of Mobile In SEO

If you have a business website and you are often looking for new ways to rank your website better on search engines, you must have encountered the idea of going mobile wi…

If you have a business website and you are often looking for new ways to rank your website better on search engines, you must have encountered the idea of going mobile with SEO. The top SEO firms are making mobile an essential part of their services because they understand the value of this platform for all starting, small, medium and large sized businesses. But before you spend your money on mobile aspects of SEO, you must be craving to know if it really is a thing or just temporary hype. As a short answer, mobile SEO is not an option anymore but more of a necessity for any business’ online marketing. Here are some detailed reasons to make mobile a part of your SEO efforts.

  • The Future Belongs to Mobile

Technology changes and gets better with time, and your businesses have to make the adjustments accordingly. Even the modern music stars are now using online platforms to make money rather than relying solely on the sales of CDs and DVDs. In terms of online marketing, mobile users are increasing around the world with every second that passes. The number of users around the world who were accessing the internet on their mobile devices surpassed the number of desktop users in 2016. As for the mobile users in the US, 75% of the adults now have some kind of mobile devices: smartphone, tablet etc. As the time passes, these numbers will only increase. So, when you spend on mobile SEO, you are investing in the future.

  • Google Loves Mobile SEO

You have to make all the possible efforts to be mobile SEO friendly. The first step that you need to take is changing your website accordingly and optimizing it for mobile users. Google has already made adjustments for mobile users and there is no way you can find a way to dodge Google. When a user performs some search using a mobile device, your website will only show up in results if it is mobile friendly. You either have to create a mobile website or opt for a responsive design. A mobile website is created specifically for mobile devices whereas a responsive design adjusts automatically according to the screen you view it on.

  • Mobile Users Are a Productive Market

Another reason to invest in making mobile an essential component of SEO is the fact that mobile users are a very productive market. People don’t use mobile devices only to play games or for entertainment. These are serious users who research things online and make wise purchases. When you look at the conversion rates of mobile users it is a high 64%. The conversion rates for desktop users are much lower than this. What’s even more interesting is that 88% of the people who perform a search for some local business on their mobile devices will take some action within a day e.g. they will go to the store or at least make a call.

  • Your Brand Matters

According to the statistics from SalesForce the companies with mobile as an essential part of their online marketing strategy is as high as 68%. These numbers are going up every year and that has to be an indication for other businesses to be serious with mobile SEO. Now, Google says over 60% users will not come back to your mobile website if it hassling for the users to use the site on their mobile devices. Up to 40% of these same users would rather open your competitor’s website. In this sense, your competitor is drawing a very strong image of their brand whereas your brand image will suffer if your website is not optimized for mobile.