How Internet Marketing Fails Without Social Media Marketing

If you want to make it big on the internet with your marketing, you have to make social media marketing a pivotal part of the strategy. The world of internet revolves aro…

If you want to make it big on the internet with your marketing, you have to make social media marketing a pivotal part of the strategy. The world of internet revolves around “social” today. You can think of marketing on social media as a network of roads for your vehicle – without this network your car is standing in a garage and has no place to go. However, it has to be kept in mind that going on social medial with a sales approach is a huge mistake. You should either spend time learning the right way to do it or hire a social media marketing firm to do the job for you. Here are some reasons that would explain why an internet marketing strategy is bound to fail without proper marketing on social media.

You Never Reach the Real Audience

It does not matter how good you are with your email marketing campaign or pay per click bidding, you will never get access to an audience so huge that you can reach through social media. Social media marketing gives you access to an international audience. The number of people you are able to target with other types of marketing is very paltry compared to the number of people you can send your message to through social media. Therefore, if you think it makes sense to have access to an international audience, marketing through social media has to be your next step in marketing.

You Miss Free Marketing

It just does not make sense to not use something as useful and free as social media marketing. This is what makes social media so attractive for the big giant companies of the world. You get to market whatever you want for no cost at all. Create your fan pages, be a part of communities, make polls and get feedbacks from your customers for free. In fact, if you like to go the extra mile to help your customers, you can convert your social media pages into customer help desk. The good thing is that you have just as direct reach to your customers on social media as they have to you.

You Miss Targeted Marketing

One of the most important aspects of marketing is directing it to a target market. Social media marketing makes it possible for your business to direct your campaigns toward people who are most relevant. Not to mention, some of the biggest social networking platforms like Facebook now facilitate you with targeted marketing. Through communities and circles, you can get hold of people who are interested in a particular service, product or subject. Once again, there is no cap on how big those communities can be. The more people you approach the more subscribers, followers and fans you are able to make.

You Lose the Competition

Social media marketing is not a new concept anymore. Companies have been tapping into the power of social media for years now. They have understood the value and the way to touch the hearts of people on social networking websites – hence the boost in emotional advertisements and campaigns from companies like Nike, Coke, and Pepsi etc. If you are not present on social media, you are completely missing from the action. In simple terms, you are invisible for your target audience and any potential customers.

You Become Weak with SEO

Social media marketing cannot be associated with search engine optimization directly, but there are many ways it helps your SEO campaigns indirectly. For example, if you have uploaded some content and it gets shared by bloggers on their blogs, you get free backlinks directing to your website. This is free addition to your SEO efforts.