Reasons Why Startups Need Mobile App Development

For a business that’s just starting, it can be quite a decision to go for a mobile application. Mobile application development has been going up for the past decade and t…

For a business that’s just starting, it can be quite a decision to go for a mobile application. Mobile application development has been going up for the past decade and there is no way it is coming down in the coming years too. However, it is not always the cheapest thing for a startup business to do to have a mobile application built. This is why startups have to have all the valid reasons with them before they pay to have an application developed for their service. Here are the top most important reasons for startups to go for mobile applications:

To Target a Bigger Audience

One of the most important things about mobile application development is that it makes your business future proof. Since the invention of smart phones, the world has been shifting to the use of smart phones and mobile devices. It was near 2014 when the number of smart phone users beat the number of desktop users around the globe. The number of smart phone users has been rising without any accidentals. Today or tomorrow, you will have to go for a mobile application. You can become future proof by having one built today. With only a website, you are now missing a bigger part of your potential and paying audience.

To Be Closer to Your Users

Compare an application and a website side by side, and you will know that it involves more steps to open a website than it does to open an application. Smartphone users love to install applications on their phones for almost every service, so that they do not have to keep on switching between apps and webs. Now, imagine how many times a user unlocks and checks his/her smart phone in a day. Your application icon will be in front of them every time they unlock their phones. That is simply not the case with a website. Not to mention, browsers are not the most favorite things for users to use on their phones.

To Avoid Inconsistency

No matter how much you optimize your website for mobile devices, the experience can still not get as smooth and consistent as the experience of using an application. Here, you have to look for a mobile application development company that can develop for iOS, Android and Windows platform without compromising on quality and consistency. Now, your website will look different on every device even if it is a responsive design. Your application allows your users to have a consistent experience regardless of which device or operating platform they are on.

To Build a Brand

You cannot deny the fact that your mobile application is a great representative of your brand. People these days expect the brands they are associated with to be up-to-date with modern technological needs. Take the example of music streaming and downloading companies. All of them have their mobile applications. Imagine how disconnected you will be from your target audience if you won’t have an application.

To Make More Sales

Probably the biggest reason why you should invest in mobile application development as a startup is the potential to make more sales and thus more money. Users like to make online purchases rather than visiting stores and super markets for their shopping. They love to buy on desktops, smart phones and tablets. If you don’t have an application, you are actually closing multiple streams of sales and income to your business. Think about it, just in 2015 one-third of purchases done online were made through smart phones. Take into account other mobile devices like tablets and the number will go up even more.

If your business is local SEO friendly, mobile application development is even more important to you than you can imagine.