Reasons To Use Infographics For Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful online method of making your message reach your target audience all around the world. However, it is not as easy as it looks on the s…

Social media marketing is a powerful online method of making your message reach your target audience all around the world. However, it is not as easy as it looks on the surface. Effective social media marketing requires you to be creative because non-creative content can serve as a blotch on your brand identity on social media. It is therefore highly recommended that you use the most reliable social media marketing companies that can create high quality content repetitively. One way to be creative with your social media posts is to convert them into infographics. Here are some reasons why you would want to use infographics for marketing on social media.

  • They Are Greatly Attention Grabbing

Before you offer interesting content to social media users, you have to get their attention. Sometimes even the most creative content goes to waste because it does not have any visual appeal. On the other hand, infographics have a great visual appeal. Not only the text-only content, but the images and color schemes used on infographics also play an important role in making them attention grabbing.

According to a survey with marketers, 37% of them believed that importance of marketing with the help of visuals was very high for them. In addition to that, 74% marketers on social media are incorporating visuals in their posts because of the high response such posts get. This proves that using infographics for social media marketing is an intelligent marketing step.

  • They Can Make Boring Things Appear Interesting

One of the best things about infographics is that they can even make boring content interesting. Sometimes you have to post content that is not as interesting as you would want. Out of fear, you might never share that content or dare to share it and never get enough views. However, infographics are a great way to convert generic and boring information into interesting statistical data. For example, if you told people how many bottles Coca-Cola has produced so far, the number will not be as interesting as telling them that putting those bottles end to end will cover the earth to moon distance nearly 2,000 times.

  • They Can Give You Backlinks

You don’t create infographics primarily to create backlinks, but they can definitely help you build them. Infographics are rich with content and information. This is what makes them very appealing for bloggers and reviewers to use them in their content. However, if an infographic belongs to you then they will have to provide the source every time they use your infographic. If your infographic is used by a reputable blogger, this will give you a high quality backlink for your website. The more people share your infographics the more backlinks will be created.

  • They Are Great for Viewing on Mobile Devices

The most important aspect of online marketing is mobile marketing. With billions of people using internet on their smartphone and tablets, it has become indispensable to make your content friendly for mobile devices. Google only ranks mobile optimized websites for searches originating on mobile devices. A majority of users say they don’t want to return to a website not optimized for their mobile device. Infographics are greatly suitable for mobile devices as they are in the form of a long vertical image. When mobile users look at them they just have to scroll downwards. There is no tapping required and this experience aligns greatly with how they see their social networking streams as well.

So, if you have been looking for unique ways to create engaging content for your target audience and get ample views on your posts, convert simple information into infographics and share on social networks like Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Facebook, etc.