Role Of Video In Social Media Marketing

The power of social media marketing for branding has been recognized by almost all the businesses worldwide. How businesses use social media to their advantage has been e…

The power of social media marketing for branding has been recognized by almost all the businesses worldwide. How businesses use social media to their advantage has been evolving fast with time. As internet speeds get faster in most parts of the world, video content continues to get more and more popular. Today, the world is creating so much content that the content produced every month is more than the combined content produced by the major television channels of the US in 3 decades. Social media marketing companies are also paying special attention to creating video content for their clients after realizing how much video works on social networking platforms.

Video Is a Hit on Social Networking Platforms

The first reason why you would want to use video as part of your social media marketing strategy is that video has become a hit on social networking platforms. The big example is how social networks are handling video content. Facebook would play the video as soon as a user scrolls on to it. The user does not have to press the play button. This strategy proves successful as users end up watching many videos that they are not initially much interested in watching. Furthermore, there is Twitter where 82% of the users love watching video content. You must already be aware of the number of viewers on YouTube – more than billions. This shows that social platforms on the internet are giving special place to video.

Video Works Great on Mobile

One of the biggest reasons why you would want to create video content for your social media marketing is because video really works on mobile devices. Half of all the video content people watch is being watched on mobile devices. 90% of the videos watched by Twitter users are also watched on their mobile phones. People watching videos on their mobile phones, 92% of them will share it with their peers, friends and relatives. Why do you think smartphone manufacturers like LG and Samsung have started to make bigger screens without any bezels? Video content has become so popular that modern smartphones are being designed based on users’ video watching experience.

Video Gets Response

People love watching interesting and creative content on not only social networking platforms but also any other platforms on the internet. For example, it has been observed that videos make marketing emails much more click-able. Click through rate of marketing emails is increased by up to 300% when there is a video in the email. Furthermore, when videos are added to the landing pages of the website, there is a boost of 80% in the conversion rate of that page. It has become common for people to watch videos before they make purchases today. Mobile reviewers on YouTube are people with thousands and millions of subscribers. This is because people like to watch video reviews before buying smartphones.

Video Has Emotional Value

You can be creative with video content as you cannot be with any other content. Think about all the videos of football super stars and music celebrities surprising their fans that have received millions of views on YouTube. These videos were actually sponsored by brands. They were used as a method of marketing and advertising, and this method has worked for many brands. Similarly, you can create videos where you can create an emotional connection with your target audience. Such videos prove to be great in invoking loyalty in customers.

There is no denial that video content is the future of content marketing and social media marketing. You just need to figure out a way to be creative with your videos and make a strong bond with your target audience using those videos.