What Happens When You Don’t Invest In SEO

If you have even the basic knowledge of online marketing, you must be aware of how much importance is given to search engine optimization. It is considered the most power…

If you have even the basic knowledge of online marketing, you must be aware of how much importance is given to search engine optimization. It is considered the most powerful way of marketing a business online and increasing its visibility. For the fact that it is an ongoing, exhausting and skill-requiring aspect of marketing, you need to trust only the experienced SEO specialists for your website’s marketing. It is true that online marketing can get quite jumbled up at times because you have to put your hands in several different marketing processes at the same time e.g. email marketing, SEO, social media marketing, blogging, PPC etc. However, avoiding SEO is never one of the options. Here is why you would never want to avoid SEO.

You Will Disappear from Search Results

One of the biggest sources of traffic for nearly all online businesses is search engine results. People don’t look up a website on the internet by simply entering its name. They have queries that they enter in the form of keywords on search engines and then they are provided hundreds and thousands of results matching those keywords. If you are going to avoid SEO, you will never appear in these results. Every second, there are nearly 2.3 million searches being performed on Google, which is over 100 billion in month. By avoiding investing in SEO, you are choosing to not appear in these search results. Concisely, this is your recipe for a failed marketing strategy.

Your Overall Visibility Suffers

It is not just your visibility on search engines, but also on other platforms that will be affected if you avoid SEO. Search engine optimization requires you to optimize content, come up with new content with relevant keywords and direct people to your website through backlinks and anchor texts. In fact, the second most important element of SEO after keywords is backlinks. Generating high quality backlinks is a part of a business’ search engine optimizations strategy. Once you have erased that from the equation, you will see a huge decrease in your backlinks and content across platforms. As a result, your visibility will suffer.

Your Local Visibility Suffers

Local SEO is a part of your overall search engine optimization strategy. When your SEO professionals start working on your local presence, the first thing they do is claim your listings on various online local business listing websites. This creates trust for your business among listing websites, the search engines and the people who use these listing websites for searching local businesses. Furthermore, your listings on these websites have at least one link directing back to your website. Since listing websites are considered reputable websites, the backlink coming from them is considered a reliable and high quality backlink. This gives you the upper hand and your website appears higher on local searches, but not when you are avoiding SEO altogether.

Your Website Takes the Damage

Search engine optimization has a positive effect on your entire website. First, your website’s content is optimized for search engines as well as website visitors. This content includes not only text but also videos, images and any other form of content. Secondly, it is part of your SEO strategy to make your website lighter in order to improve your web page loading time. SEO professionals also work on the internal linking of your website to create a seamless linking path from one page to another. This makes it easy for search engine crawlers to index all your web pages. Keep in mind that modern websites are created using SEO as the base of web development and website designing process.