How Effective Is Element Of Surprise In Social Media Marketing

No matter how solid you were with your social media marketing when you started, it can get boring with the passage of time. Your online audience is always expecting somet…

No matter how solid you were with your social media marketing when you started, it can get boring with the passage of time. Your online audience is always expecting something new and big from you. It’s challenging to keep coming up with new ideas that interest your target audience. Not to mention, many of these ideas can fail causing your customers to feel disappointed. The only thing that never gets old for people is surprise. This is why social media marketing experts preach that businesses should introduce the element of surprise in their marketing. Here’s how element of surprise makes your marketing efforts on social media more effective.

It Develops Loyalty in Customers

Believe it or not, customers love to be surprised. In fact, more and more studies are being conducted on the element of surprise and its effects on human psychology. Recent studies show that surprise is like an addiction because people have cravings for surprise. Many new businesses on internet have launched using this particular insight to their advantage. Keep in mind that you can surprise your customers in many different ways. Sometimes your surprise can just be a big change in the layout, design and theme of your social media marketing page. You could start a poll to collect people’s feedback and then announce their names to surprise them even more. Such announcements can turn people into your loyal customers.

It Can Change Behavior

The biggest example of behavior change is YouTube. You will often find a user criticizing some really popular YouTuber for their videos, boring content, inactivity etc. However, as soon as the YouTuber responds to their comment, they change the tone of their comments. A response from their favorite YouTuber is a huge surprise for them. They don’t want to be rude anymore and show a rather friendly attitude afterwards. People who read this exchange of comments will admire the YouTuber for his/her understanding and friendly attitude. With huge brands, people are not expecting to be responded to. They are really surprised and humbled when they get a response.

It Leaves Memories

All those efforts for improving the user experience by businesses today are trying to achieve one thing – to become a memory. When you do something memorable for your customer, you stay with them forever as a memory. There is nothing more memorable than a surprise. Imagine how surprised and happy you would be if you received your favorite smartphone 2 days before the promised date of shipment. While it can be quite a challenge to always deliver goods to your customers before time, adding the surprise element to your social media marketing is not that difficult. Think about rewarding one of your most active followers for their activeness by giving them a unit of your product for free. You do this favor to one person but the news spreads among other customers like wildfire, and they become your fans even more.

It Keeps People Coming Back

Businesses have to deliver extraordinary services in order to keep their customers coming back. It is impossible to keep a business growing at the same rate forever. There comes a time when the rate of making new customers starts to go down. At this time it’s your repeating customers who keep your business running. Element of surprise in social media marketing can accomplish that for you. As mentioned above, people crave for surprises like someone craves for an addiction. They love to keep coming back on your social networking pages to see what your next big surprise is for them.

If you believe by now that element of surprise can really make a huge positive impact on your social media marketing efforts, start thinking of a way to surprise your customers right now.