Why SEO Focus So Much On Content

There is no doubt that search engine optimization revolves around content. Besides working purely on content, SEO professionals also spend time in improving a website’s i…

There is no doubt that search engine optimization revolves around content. Besides working purely on content, SEO professionals also spend time in improving a website’s internal links, page titles, codes (to reduce website loading time) etc. All these aspects make up a complete and sound SEO strategy. However, as a website owner you should still convince your SEO professionals to pay the utmost attention to your content. It just so happens that once you have started making your content better, rest of the things start lining up automatically. Here is why your search engine optimization specialists should be spending time on your content:

Content Matters for Search Engines

The first thing that matters to search engines is your content. When search engine crawlers go through your website, they are looking for quality in your content. Your keywords have to be used as naturally as possible. Unnecessary and repetitive use of keywords is considered punishable and a sign of weak and less informative content. When such discrepancies are found in your website content, a search engine will conclude that it will be no good for the website visitors as well. Just think why search engines will put your content on top when they know it won’t offer anything to the visitors? As a result, your website is ranked lower than your competitors that are producing better content.

Content Matters for Website Visitors

Any content that you create should be focused on your human website visitors, not the search engine bots. You have to work on making your content informative so that it offers something to the readers. When people find your content informative and helpful, they spend time reading it. This makes them stay on your website, and this is a great indicator for a search engine to rank a website high. It works exactly oppositely to a fast bounce-off rate on a website. When people leave a website too quickly, search engines assume that there is nothing good on the website for visitors.

Fresh Content Ranks Higher

If you did not know, fresh content is the favorite content for major search engines. No matter how relevant your content is to the search phrases entered by an internet user, if your content has been unchanged for months, it will find its place below fresh and new content. This is why websites are always supported by blogs as blogs provide a means for website owners to upload new content on a weekly basis. You don’t necessarily have to change the entire content written on your website. Keep making little changes to improve the content to make it more engaging for your website visitors.

Content Takes Care of Everything Else

As mentioned earlier, when you focus on the content the rest of the things line up automatically. When you produce compelling content, your search engine ads get more clicks. The higher your click through rate is the more traffic you will receive on your website. Furthermore, it’s your content that creates opportunities for backlinks. If your content goes on other blogs because it is interesting, it will create backlinks directing traffic right to your website. Even the conversion rate of your website depends greatly on your content. If your content was compelling enough for your readers to land on your website, you have done half of the job. Now you just need to make your landing pages compelling enough for your website visitors to take an action.

Keep in mind that your content can take many forms. It does not have to be a mountain of written words. Sometimes, you can say a thousand words with just one image.