Importance Of Podcasts For SEO

Content, in any form or format, is always going to help boost your search engine optimization results. There is no doubt that SEO revolves around content, or more precise…

Content, in any form or format, is always going to help boost your search engine optimization results. There is no doubt that SEO revolves around content, or more precisely quality content. When you say podcast, it could be a video or audio file, but mostly it is an audio file. The purpose of creating this file and making it publicly available is to inform or educate people on certain topics. Once subscribed, people are supposed to receive later podcasts directly through their emails or a notification will inform them of a new podcast’s arrival. When you use professional search engine optimization services, they pay attention to all types of content, and podcasts are one of them.

Podcasts can be a great help for your search engine optimization efforts in the following ways.

They Create Backlinks

Your podcasts can be a great way for you to create backlinks to your website or blog. When someone hosts a podcast on their website, they often like to mention the name of the contributors and their websites or blogs. If you are a part of a podcast series, your name will also appear as a contributor to the podcast and a link to your website will be available for people too. If you have talked about some really important and interesting matter in your podcast, chances are that your podcast will be picked by people from that industry and used to educate their audiences. Of course, when they inform their visitors the source they picked the podcast from, they will have to mention your name and the website.

They Reduce the Bounce Rate

How long a visitor stays on your website can have a huge impact on your search engine optimization rankings. Google gives it weight when people stay on your web pages for a long time. Podcasts are a great way for you to make people stop on your website for a long time. For as long as they are listening to the podcast on your website, they will have the website opened. This will send an impression to Google that your visitor is spending time on the page because some useful information is available there. This factor contributes greatly in taking your website’s ranking higher.

Transcripts Boost Ranking Directly

When search engine crawlers come to your website they are looking for content relevant to your ad copy that appears on search result pages. However, if your page is completely empty and there is only an audio file on the page, search engine crawlers will not be able to make a connection. This is why it is highly recommended that you write a transcript of the entire podcast. Some podcasters do not write transcripts in an attempt to promote people to listen to the podcast rather than reading it. However, when you write a transcript of the podcast, people still have the choice to listen to the podcast available to them. In addition to that, this transcript helps your website rank higher for the text content.

They Help with Social Media Marketing Indicators

People who listen to podcasts are enthusiastic about a personality or maybe a certain topic, this is why they listen to your podcasts. With regular podcast episodes, you can get their attention and have them visit your social networking pages as well. As the connection becomes stronger and stronger, people view your social networking content more frequently. This gets you thousands of views, likes, mentions, etc, which is good because search engine optimization take these social media indicators into consideration when ranking a website. In short, your podcast not only helps you make your social media marketing better but also boosts the ranking of your website through social media indicators and their effects on the minds of people.