Does Your Logo Represent Your Business Theme

A business logo is much more than some cool art with company’s name in it. A layman might even ask why a company needs a logo in the first place. It’s true that a company…

A business logo is much more than some cool art with company’s name in it. A layman might even ask why a company needs a logo in the first place. It’s true that a company can operate without a logo, make cool products and give great services. Then why do these companies choose to a have a logo? What benefit do they obtain from a logo? And with time, why do they keep making changes to the logo? Before going in any details, you need to know what a logo really is.

What Exactly Is a Logo?

A logo is more like a signature of a company just like you have a signature or a famous celebrity. There are certain design elements and principles that are used in creating a logo. It can be a combination of colors, text, shapes, images etc. Depending on what message you want to convey through your logo, it can be complex or very simple. Some logos are as simple as a word written using a certain font and color e.g. Google, Gillette etc. Some can be a very simple image e.g. Apple, Twitter etc. Some can be a combination of an image and written text e.g. AT&T, NFL etc.

These logos are designed by professional graphic design teams after spending weeks and months on thinking and executing them. The logo of a company represents its values, mission, vision and the ideology. If you look at all the modern logos, you will realize that almost all of them are very simple with big typeface and the name of the brand written vividly. Sometimes companies will use just one letter as their logo e.g. Honda, McDonald’s, Facebook etc.

Your Logo and Business Theme

Your logo should be themed after your business’ values and vision. In addition to being that, your logo needs to have a very vivid face that can be recognized at one glance. Why your business logo should reflect the theme of your business is because that’s how you make a connection with your audience. A company that has taken the vow to end pollution will have a very specific target audience that will follow it loyally. Every person in the audience will consider the logo of this company as their representative. Therefore, you need to put a lot of thought behind your logo.

Once you have created a logo that sends a clear message of what you are doing and promoting, every person who enthusiastically wants to end pollution will feel associated with your logo. There is a lot of thought that goes behind a logo when your business stands for a big cause. Think about it, an automobile company is about status and maybe show off too. Their logo needs to have a personality, impact, vividness and shine. On the other hand, if you make prosthetics for disabled people, the shine and show-off parts need to be kept away.

You need to keep in mind the theme of your business while designing your logo also because you want to remain relevant. You must have hundreds of competitors in the market providing similar services. All of those competitors have their own logos. If you notice carefully, you will find a trend repeating in their logos. Look at the logos of following social networks:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

First, you will notice that they commonly use blue and red colors. Secondly, their logos are very vivid and simple – they are either just the name of the company or a shape. Now, let’s say you start a social network as well. You will have to create a logo that stays unique and still uses the elements from the logos of these social networks to remain relevant to the industry.