Yadonia Group signed an agreement with Al Karam Qadri Group to develop and design their website.

Qadri Group located in Amman – Jordan is a family business company, it specializes in manufacturing Islamic clothing taking into consideration Muslim clothing instructions. They have a well established reputation since the 20’s. They contracted with Yadonia Group to get satisfying results suitable with their reputation and goals.

Al Karam Qadri Group Website Development By Yadonia Group

Yadonia Group developed the website using the latest technology by making it responsive and user friendly, also the website is e-commerce which enables customers to place orders online using any device. The website is in both English and Arabic to attract different nationalities interested in the company services.

In addition to that we also gave the website a very attractive and feminine design showcasing models wearing the company products to give the website visitor a clear look of the company’s services.

Yadonia Group provides various development services helping clients in marketing their businesses among a larger audience. We also provide website designs that are able to rise up with the clients businesses. Visit our website to read more about our services.