Amaz Holding Corporate Identity & Website Design By Yadonia Group

Amaz Holding is a holding company which invest in many projects related to real estate, medical, and engineering. They wanted a groundbreaking start up in the fierce business field, so they invested in Yadonia Group to give them that start up.
Amaz Holding partnered with Yadonia Group to help with the official launch of their brand. Our work included corporate identity, logo designing, and build-out of the company’s online presence.
We gained an understanding of their brand guidelines and their needs for the new site build. Our role included mapping-out site architecture and design of the all pages.
Amaz Holding Corporate Identity & Website Design By Yadonia Group
We began wire framing the pages design. Knowing that visitors predominantly will be exploring the website in order to check the projects, we decided to put some key information on the homepage through some well placed design elements. Simplifying the main navigation to include the most requested areas of the site, enhanced the user’s experience since they could now access these areas with just one click.
We made the website responsive on mobile devices to ensure a uniform experience across devices.
While making the corporate identity of the company we focused on elegance and simplicity, and the logo was chosen in a clean and fresh design aesthetic to represent the quality and professionalism of the company.