Brand New Website For IPCO By Yadonia Group

Yadonia Group signed an agreement with IPCO (International Promoter’s Co.) to develop and design their old website. IPCO is a returning customer for Yadonia Group, in 2009 we developed their old website.
Brand New Website For IPCO By Yadonia Group
IPCO is a private company that was established in 2001 in Amman – Jordan. They plan exhibitions, conferences, forums, and seminars, and they are the representative to many trade agencies in the area. For such a big company with a wide range of business lines, a state of the art website is an important element to keep the company in the lead.
Yadonia Group gave the website a reviving new design that displays the company’s creative and professional work in an attractive way. Also, it shows a list of agencies the company represents and the exhibitions they organized. The website development included all the elements that make a website successful, like making it responsive and user friendly and being in both English and Arabic.
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