Facebook Page Management For Zodiac Café

Yadonia Group signed an agreement with Zodiac Café to manage their Facebook page which will help in promoting the café services.
Zodiac Café located in Amman – Jordan is a café that provides unique experience for its customers with the delicious food and great service. Since the business of cafes is rapidly increasing, singularity is the only thing that differentiate them, that’s why they relayed on the expertise of Yadonia Group to help them promote for themselves.
Facebook Page Management For Zodiac Café
Yadonia Group is managing this café Facebook page by posting daily posts about the café special offers and activities. Also, we run contests from time to time to engage more with the followers, these activities help attracting customers and put the café in a strong position among other cafes.
Attractive pictures are also posted on the page displaying the special food types the café offers, this is considered a very important element because pictures play a key role in attracting customers.
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