First Specialists Co. Brand New Website By Yadonia Group

First Specialists Co. team came to Yadonia Group to figure out how to connect with customers in meaningful ways, and how to reenergize company behavior. We studied the situation and learnt their business. Then we delivered a brand strategy.
We created multiple logo designs that are inspired by the nature of work of the company, that gives the company an appealing and professional look, because first impressions last a long time.
First Specialists Co. Brand New Website By Yadonia Group
To stand out in a crowded space, they needed a different angle from everyone else, a clear story and distinctive look. Our team is rightly proud of the technology they built. But, from a brand perspective, we focused not on how it works, but its effect on people. The visual language balances the elements of the design to keep it fresh and exciting so it always captures the essence of the company.
Also, we created a corporate identity with designs that speaks right into the audience and captures their attention. The designs we created are not only professional, but also easy and clear to read, since complexity is not a way of showing professionalism.
About First Specialists Co.
First specialist is a construction equipment company bases in Zarka – Jordan. They sell and rent different construction equipment like Forklifts, Cranes, Telescopic Forklifts or Telehandlers, etc.