Hayat Zaman Hotel & Resort Website By Yadonia Group

Hyatt Zaman Hotel & Resort Village is one of the most attractive places in Petra – Jordan where tourists meet and enjoy their stay in the country. It is not a hotel in the mere sense, but an attractive cultural resource rich in history and heritage and a window that will transport you back to the late 19th century in Jordan.
Yadonia Group worked to define Hyat Zaman Hotel & Resort experience, which emphasizes wellness and an authentic experience of Petra’s nature and culture, offering travelers a refreshing and better-value alternative to its other competitors.
Hayat Zaman Hotel & Resort Website By Yadonia Group
We helped the resort invent their online presence and significantly increase direct bookings with a new full-featured website, with a focus on the local area to maximize bookings at every touch point. The new website better reflects the hotel brand identity and better represents their experience with high-resolution images, uncluttered design and elegant logo. The website is designed in a way that reflects the heritage of the area, and also giving the impression of comfort and vacation.
With an increasing amount of traffic coming from tablets and mobile devices we made the website responsive. Also, since the hotel is in a tourism attraction point we made it in English and Arabic.