International Website for AICS By Yadonia Group

AICS was in the market for a fierce technology oriented partner to help them solve their challenge of creating an international website on various digital platforms.
Our best-in-class designers produced a design that successfully expresses the spirit and feel of the agency. Keeping in mind the agency’s place and reputation, the design team focused on keeping the designs minimal and adhering to the guides of the agency.
International Website for AICS By Yadonia Group
Understanding the market challenge was critical for us. Given our in-depth expertise in the sector, we could easily perceive the current industry scenario and develop a comprehensive solution vision.
while affecting change locally and nationally, the solution offers a platform that advances the company’s ability to help more people.
The website is fully functional and responsive throughout various platforms. The website is in three languages English, Arabic and Italian.
About AICS
AICS is the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development. The Agency began operating in January 2016, with the aim of aligning Italy with its principal European and global partners in the endeavor of development. Their ultimate goals are: eradication of poverty, reduction of inequality, promotion of human rights and gender equality, support for liberal democracy and the establishment of the rule of law. Their branch in Jordan is for the purpose of improving aid effectiveness and promoting long-term initiatives to pursue inclusive and sustainable development.