International Website for Distance Learning & Training Co.

Distance Learning & Training Co. has procreation from the Latin international company Livox. They came to Yadonia Group to develop and design an international sense website.
The website is about an application that is used for great purpose, so the website provides information enlighten parents about the app and everything related to it. We created a dynamic content delivery and a stunning responsive web design to increase website interaction and pages visited.
When Livox decided to grow and reach out to the Middle East, they knew they would need a strong brand and website behind them. They enlisted us to help realize their vision to dominate area.
International Website for Distance Learning & Training Co.
Our strategy was centered around an engaging and dynamic responsive design, an easily-navigated web experience and content optimization. We helped to shape the content into a layered structure that allowed users to dive deeper into content that was relevant to their needs and reduced content that overwhelmed the user experience.
Due to the wide range this website will cover we made it in English, Arabic and French.
About Distance Learning & Training Co.
Is a software for Android tablets that enables people with disabilities to communicate and to learn. It has algorithms for motor, cognitive and visual disorders. They have different interfaces depending on the user’s disability. People who can read, people who cannot read, people who can see, people who cannot see, people that do not understand abstract concepts, all of them can use.