Yadonia Group recently signed an agreement with Dr. Samar Burgan a professor and oral medicine consultant to design and develop a responsive website, which contains information about the doctor professional career and specialty.

The website aims to spread awareness amongst people about oral medicine and answering questions concerning that issue. Yadonia Group used an up to date technology to make the website responsive and user friendly.

Logo Design & Responsive Website Development For Dr. Samar Burgan

Also, Yadonia Group designed the logo of the website which suits the nature of the doctor’s work to give the website more attractive look.

The website is in English and Arabic to spread it among a larger number of users. Oral medicine is considered one of the distinct and important specialties and the number of specialist in this field aren’t many, therefore the website doesn’t target the Arabic language speakers only.

Yadonia Group offers website development services by using modern technology and it provides its services to different types of clients.