Maani Venture New Look By Yadonia Group

Once again Maani Ventures contracted with Yadonia Group to renovate their website using the latest technology and making the website more current and more appealing. They have been our clients for 10 years and we have developed their older website, and now they’ve returned for an update to their website.
Visually, they needed a website that clearly separated them from the competition and made it easy for site visitors to understand that they are the premier service in their area. We needed to build product pages that were branched and had to have enough images to show the final and finished work that they provide for their customers.
Maani Venture New Look By Yadonia Group
Yadonia Group conceptualized and executed the website in order to serve the needs of the brand. Really high quality design requires having really high quality assets to work with. That’s exactly what we got with Maani clear photography and a distinct style that we integrated into the new site design. We were able to be creative and use different aspects of their branding. Their website allows the company to manage and make changes to its contents. Also, it is responsive and user friendly in all smart phones and tablets.
About Maani Ventures
Maani Ventures is one of Jordan’s leading industrial groups that employs more than 700 engineers, technicians, and highly skilled laborers and professionals. Established in Amman in 1986 with the ultimate vision of developing a new generation of customized engineering products and solutions, they provide their services in the MENA region and beyond.