Nusiebeh Family

The Nusiebeh Clan is the oldest Muslim dynasty in Jerusalem. The Nuseibeh family has a long history and tight bonds with the Holy Land, Jerusalem, since the days their first forefathers arrived into Jerusalem in the 7th century. They were given custody of the keys to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the holiest of places for Christians in Jerusalem, a place for worship and pilgrimage. That being said, their old website is almost 2 decades old and the history of the great family needed to be brought back to life in the new millennium.
Nusiebeh Family
Like many of our projects, our team at Yadonia Group kicked off this redesign by doing a deep dive into what the goals for Nusiebeh Family new website were, and perceptions they hoped to change with a freshly redesigned site. As we dug deep and got to know more and more about their history, it became very clear that their old site was failing to tell the story of the amazing family.
Our job was to help them have a more powerful digital presence. Our work focused heavily on site architecture and visual design, both looking to give visitors a clear way to see the depth of their history. The unique and visually appealing new design communicates the beauty and legacy of Nusiebeh Family to online audiences.
The website is responsive and would perform on both desktop and mobile devices, while still retaining the same consistency across all online platforms. Their website was restructured in order to improve the online user experience.