Re-development for Alrabet Website By Yadonia Group

Yadonia Group worked in harmony with Alrabet for Electromechanical Systems team to overhaul their current technology environment. We envisioned a digital transformation across the organization, that addressed key consumer pain points and automated key processes.
Backend development was essential for the website while ensuring a fast and easy integration on multiple platforms. The target market was a focal point for our team. The user’s experience aimed to be seamless and intuitive without comprising the brand style.
Re-development for Alrabet Website By Yadonia Group
We designed a simple and straight forward logo with a futuristic sense that doesn’t have much complications to understand, because simplicity reflects professionalism.
The website in English and Arabic.
About Alrabet
Alrabet installs and supports telecommunication infrastructure solutions and also provides reliable services and latest solutions in the field of Electro-Mechanical activities dedicated to telecommunications sites, airports, medical centers, data communications.