Responsive Website For Manaseer Oil & Gas By Yadonia Group

Yadonia Group worked together with key players at Manaseer Oil & Gas in order to best understand their process and translate it into a visual experience. We wanted to give the website a whole new design so we took artistic liberties and presented and reworked the design from client feedback in order to accurately depict everything. By the end of the development process, our client had an up-to-date tool that they could use to support all users, grow their business, and interface with their clients.
Responsive Website For Manaseer Oil & Gas By Yadonia Group
The website is designed and built to fit customers’ lifestyle. It has all the information that a customer of the gas station might need like the prices, locations, and even job opportunities. The website also allows eFill customers to log-in and check their profile and make changes.
About Manaseer Oil & Gas
A national company established in 2003 aiming to be the pioneer in the network of gas stations. They have tens of gas stations across Jordan and they serve a great number of clients annually. They are rising to become the country’s number one supplier of gas and oil.