Two Websites for King Abdullah II Special Operations Center

Recently, Yadonia Group signed an agreement with King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center to redesign and develop two existing websites. The Training Center, located just north of Amman, offers a secure and isolated training center located in an old rock quarry. Through the provision of cutting-edge technology, the Center works to prepare armed forces for the reality of armed conflict in the 21st century.

The websites designed by Yadonia Group for the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center will be in Arabic as well as English. By employing the use of language translation services, we will be able to ensure that the websites are able to achieve the broadest global reach. As a result, language will no longer be a barrier preventing the Center from reaching audiences around the world.

King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center

We will also utilize a responsive website design. As mobile devices have become more popular around the world, the demand for responsive website development has increased. Responsive website design ensures that regardless of whether a user is accessing the site from a laptop or a smartphone, he or she will have the best user experience possible. Additionally, responsive website design will reduce costs and maintenance issues for the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center. There is no longer a need to develop or update separate websites to reach mobile visitors with the use of responsive website design.

Yadonia Group specializes in providing website design and development services to all sectors. We also provide robust language translation services to ensure the broadest global appeal.